10 Best App Locks For Android To Secure Your Device In 2022

Smartphones today contain a large amount of sensitive information. Banking applications, note-taking apps, gallery apps, and so on. must be protected from the prying eyes of. Additionally, when we transfer an electronic device to a child they might need to restrict access to apps that are on our phone. To avoid privacy concerns it’s essential to select Best App Locks For Android to secure your android. Therefore, we put forth our efforts and created the list of the Best App Locks For Android in 2022.

1. AppLock (by DoMobile Lab)

AppLock is a well-known Android lock application that is popular with a large number of users. It can be used to secure any application that you have installed on your phone and stop unauthorized access. It lets you hide images and videos from your gallery and then store them in the vault of your choice.
Once you have installed the Android lock application it is necessary to design a master lock that you use each when you open the app. You can also block the application icon from the drawer of apps so that thieves can’t get it quickly. Additionally, you can create various profiles to secure certain apps, create an authentic cover to locked apps, turn on fingerprint recognition, and so on.

2. Norton App Lock

Norton App LockNorton is a well-known name in the world of antivirus software providers. The company provides a free ad-free Android apps locker. It allows you to lock your apps with a PIN/pattern or with a fingerprint scanner. In addition to securing your apps, It also lets you protect your images, prevent the uninstallation of apps, and take images of intruders.

Norton App Lock provides a recommendations list of applications that you need to be able to lock. It’s bloated and has many options. However, it could be a good choice and it does its job effectively.

3. Privacy Knight

Privacy Knight is among the Best App Locks For Android which provides a variety of amazing features to protect your applications. It’s free of ads and doesn’t contain or require in-app payments. The app provides you with a variety of ways to secure your applications.

It is possible to use a pattern or PIN as well as facial tracking, fingerprint scanner, or a cover for a Disguise, for example, blow, shake or use a crash signal to unlock. It is possible to hide private photos and videos, block removal of apps, block notification previews from apps, and so on.

It is also able to take photos of anyone who enters the incorrect password. While not as well-known as other app locks available for Android It has all the necessary features.

Additionally, you can look through the list below of important android apps here!

4. AppLock Fingerprint (by SpSoft)

The AppLock Fingerprint is an excellent Android lock application with an intuitive user interface. It is possible to lock your apps with the PIN, pattern, and fingerprint scanner. There are options for the screen as well as a rotation lock. You can install apps to lock their screen backlight as well as screen rotation.
You can make various passwords for each lock and create a fake icon for locked apps. You can also take an image of anyone who attempts to open your apps. You can then send the picture via email.
The application is accessible in 30 languages. You can upgrade to a premium version to get rid of advertisements. The free version has all the required options, as well as the amount of ads on the app is very low.

5. AppLock (by IvyMobile)

AppLock from IvyMobile allows you to secure almost everything on your device. Alongside all third-party applications, it can allow you to protect your gallery, contacts, settings email, and other settings. It is possible to use the PIN or pattern lock to safeguard your apps.

You can choose to conceal the pattern draw path or switch to a shuffled keyboard. You can also set it to take pictures of any person who is unable to open the apps. In addition, you can substitute the Applock icon with a fake icon such as an alarm clock or calculator. The free Android application locker can be supported by ads.

6. Perfect AppLock

Perfect AppLock allows you to lock any app to your device by using the use of a pattern, PIN, or gesture-based password. In addition to the apps from third parties that you can also lock WiFi, Bluetooth, and internet data. It comes with the “Screen Filter” feature, which lets you control the brightness of your screen for individual applications, and also a lock for rotation to block unwanted screen rotation.

Like other lock applications with cameras, this one will take a picture of the intruder following three unsuccessful attempts. In addition, you can secure outgoing and inbound calls and display fake error messages in locked apps. The functions are all available at no cost and the app is advertising-supported.

7. LOCKit

The LOCKit app is another great locker available for Android that can protect your files. The app can be used to block your phone’s screen too. It comes with a built-in file scan, phone booster, and a notification cleaner.
It is possible to use a PIN or a pattern to make the master password. You can also hide the path drawn by the pattern and hide it completely or show a shuffled keyboard when typing.
Additionally, the Android app locker lets users conceal their private images as well as videos, and then secure them in separate vaults. It also has a power-saving mode, an intruder selfie and you can use it to stop the deinstallation of locked apps. It’s free and doesn’t require in-app purchases, and it also contains advertisements.

8. AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock

AppLock-Fingerprint Lock by Cheetah Mobile is a light Android application lock that lets you make use of the fingerprint sensor to unlock apps. It also lets you make use of a pattern or a numeric password to lock your phone application.

In addition to the usual apps, you can utilize them to protect a wireless network, Bluetooth, incoming calls, and phone settings. It also has the “Intruder Selfie” feature that can take a photograph of anyone who fails to open your app. It is also possible to customize your lock’s mode and even set a timer to it. This Android lock application is free and comes with no advertisements.

9. Locks for LOCX

LOCX Applock is a LOCX Applock program that is another app lock tool from a third party. The Applock app includes themes with advanced security features as well as a hidden keyboard. Furthermore, the app is known to work effectively in the security of private photos as well as secret videos and text messages, among other things.
These are our top selections of the top apps locked on Android for 2022. Perhaps, you’ve found the answer to the question, “How to lock apps on Android?”
There are now third-party Android app lockers you could install on your phone, the option is yours. In addition, the simple fact that they’re free makes it easy to change.
But, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, some devices have preloaded app lockers for users. For instance, you could locate the app on Xiaomi devices that run MIUI.
It can be an aid to users who wish to reduce the number of apps that are on their devices. Additionally, the integration with the system is much better in these cases since it has an app locker integrated into the system.

How do I make my apps secure?

A locker for apps on Android will provide you with the highest protection from unauthorized access. While some devices have an app locker built-in but the majority of Android devices don’t.

There is an abundance of apps that can be locked available for Android on the Play Store. 

Note: This list is not ordered by preference. The readers are advised to select the app that they like best.

Our Recommendation: Best App Lock App

Although there are many Applock solutions available, however, we suggest using your system’s native utilities like those from the Samsung Secure Folder or OnePlus devices Applock. If you’re interested in using an app from a third party We recommend AppLock from DoMobile Lab or Norton Applock.

Do I require a privacy lock application?

When your device is protected with a lock screen security and you’re ok, then you’re safe. However, if several users can access the phone at any time, it’s advisable to install an app lock.

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