10 Best Hacking Apps For Android In 2022

Are you searching for awesome Hacking Apps For Android? You’re in the right spot; however, before we get into the details, let’s look at why these apps are accessible for Android.

Android is an operating system that is extensively employed on smartphones. It is an enhanced version of Linux Kernel and other open-source software and was designed specifically for touchscreen devices, including tablets. Android has been the most popular OS globally on smartphones since.

Best Hacking Apps for Android

1. APK Inspector

APK Inspector is an excellent application for the toolbox you utilize for forensics malware. It can help you visualize the structure of the modules, which can help users select the most reliable Android application which is safe to use.

The purpose of this application is to reverse engineer and show the compiled Android applications and their associated dex code. APK Inspector provides both analysis functions as well as graphics options for users to get an understanding of the fraudulent applications.

This application’s functions include a fine-grained graph view, the source view and call graphs navigation, better visualization of control flow graphs reverse the code by using ded for Java analysis static instrumentation, and the ability to combine permission analysis.

2. Nmap

Nmap is among the most practical applications for all tech geeks. Nmap is a renowned hack tool and has been the most widely used scanner of network security ports over the last decade for most Operating Systems. It was previously available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It is now accessible on its Android platform.

It was compiled from the actual Nmap source code by a few developers to offer support for Android devices. You’ll gain access to additional options if you own a root Android device. It can scan networks to find ports and information about the system.

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  3. cSploit

The cSploit app can be described as an Android network analysis and penetration suite that gives security professionals, IT experts, and geeks the most comprehensive and powerful professional toolkit available to carry out security checks on any mobile device. To properly work the app, you must run a rooted device with Busybox installed.

Once you have started cSploit, you’ll be in a position to map your network with ease and crack login protocols of various protocol types as well as look for vulnerabilities that are known fingerprinting alive hosts operating systems and services, manipulate traffic in real-time, and perform a man in the middle attacks like password sniffing, among others.

4. AndroRAT

AndroRAT is a program released through the Internet in November of 2012. It is the abbreviated version that stands for Remote Access Tool in Android. It allows remote attackers to monitor the activities of the victim. Typically, RATs come with an intuitive control panel for users, allowing for an individual’s control over the attacker. Similar to that, AndroRAT can control, call and send SMS messages to infected devices.

It can also find its GPS coordinates, read files on the phone, and use the camera and microphone. The main issue with the proliferation of apps like AndroRAT can be that they do not require any particular expertise to be utilized by cybercriminals. However, a few steps could turn the criminal into a deadly hacker. If AndroRAT is used in conjunction with a binder, an attacker can steal sensitive data from victims and then use the device remotely.

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DroidBox offers a linguistic analysis for its Android application. Some of the data you will get from examination includes circumvented permissions, Cryptography operations carried out by the Android API, Read and write operations and broadcasters that listen, Network data inbound/outgoing, and Hashes for the package being analyzed, and more.

6. Fing Network Scanner

Utilizing Fing is a simple task. You need to open the application. That’s it. After launching the program, Fing will automatically gather information about all the devices that are part of your network. It will display every IP address and their names, or at minimum, the name Fing can recognize, and perhaps an icon that will give you an easy way to identify whether the device is a phone, a printer, or a PC.

Fing on your phone is a pleasure to use and can help you review your network and eliminate security gaps in minutes. It allows users to locate devices, find security threats, and solve network issues. Identify intruders, solve problems with the network, etc.

Fing can identify the brands of your devices and models, as well as a lookup feature that you can activate and deactivate at any time if you don’t wish to have your gadgets’ IP addresses or MAC addresses sent to Fing’s “Fingpedia” service.

7. zanti

Zanti is a penetration testing toolkit designed in collaboration with Zimperium Mobile Security specifically for security professionals. It lets you plot malicious attacks on networks by pressing a button. Zanti has various features to execute various operations like MITM (Man In The Middle filters) attack, MAC address spoofing, scanning of password vulnerabilities, password auditing, and more. In simple terms, this android toolkit is the perfect partner for hackers.

It performs network scans at various intensity levels to determine the connected devices and their properties and vulnerabilities. zANTI utilizes the techniques hackers can employ to discover security flaws within a particular network.

8. FaceNiff

FaceNiff is an application that allows you to track and sniff web session profiles using a WiFi connection. It can be used to steal sessions only when the WiFi nWiFirk isn’t using EAP; however, it can operate on every private network. It’s the same as Firesheep for Android. It’s important to note that if a web user utilizes SSL, this app won’t function.

The features offered by FaceNiff include filtering of cookies that are used to identify sessions, Import and Export sessions, SSL strip integration vibrating alerts when FaceNiff has discovered new profiles and Stealth Mode, and, lastly, ensure that you’re connecting to WiFi WiFiction and that you are connected to an account that is on this network.

9.USB Cleaver

USB Cleaver is also one of the most commonly utilized hacking tools capable of extracting data from a connected Windows PC because they have activated automatically the autorun feature, which can be vulnerable for this program. It behaves similarly to an unauthorized keylogger and can easily access information about networks WiFi WiFiords, WiFi WiFis, IE passwords, browser passwords, etc.

10. Kali NetHunter

NetHunter can be described as an Android penetration testing platform. It requires kernel sources to enable Kali NetHunter to work with Android gadgets. Fortunately, the kernel sources that Google offers to its Nexus devices allow Kali Linux to use those sources to enable some of NetHunter’s options for Android use.

Officially Kali NetHunter is available on specific Nexus smartphones and OnePlus One only. There are, however, non-official versions of NetHunter for different Android phones; however, they may not fully support all features of NetHunter because of the limited kernel source availability.

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