10 Most Secure and Secure messaging apps for (Android and iOS) of 2022

We are living in an age of Internet security and data recording. The government and agencies frequently need access to private information and we’ve seen instances that have involved CIA hackers trying to hack into our systems and efforts to hack into authorities like the FBI to gain access without authorization. To tackle such problems, there’s increased use of encrypted and secure messaging applications.  We have a list of Most Secure and Secure messaging apps for (Android and iOS). These apps aim to keep your privacy protected using a feature known as end-to-end encryption (E2E).

What is Secure Messaging?

Securely isn’t easy to achieve in our day and age but it’s not difficult. By using the right apps, you make sure that others aren’t able to see your information and your messages. They could be the Internet provider (ISP) as well as the app’s maker as well as the government or any other. Every one of them has their own particular interests. To protect yourself, choose applications that include all the features needed for secure messaging.
The Most Secure and Secure messaging apps for (Android and iOS) below isn’t arranged in order of preference It’s an amalgamation of the best Android encrypted messaging applications. It is suggested to select one that meets your requirements.

If you are concerned about confidentiality in your communication, look through this list of the top encrypted messaging apps available for Android as well as iOS platforms. With the new privacy labels for iOS, We can now quickly discern if an encrypted messaging app is collecting user data.

1. Signal Private Messenger

One of the few applications to have an endorsement by Edward Snowden, Signal Private Messenger has earned itself a place as one of the safest messaging applications available for Android as well as iOS users. Signal Private Messenger uses advanced encryption at the end of the tunnel to protect all messages that are shared among others Signal users.
Signal Private Messenger is entirely free and quite simple to use. The most appealing aspect of the private messaging application is that it is open-source. Therefore, experts can freely look over the app’s code to find any security holes.
Other features include secure voice calls, chats with group members storage of media, archive capabilities, and more. All of these don’t require a PIN code or login credentials. It is also possible to set messages to auto-delete after a specified period.

Is Signal better secured than Telegram?

The signal is among the more secure and safe messaging applications. We demonstrated this in our Signal against Telegram comparison by using Signal’s iOS privacy label. We also conducted a privacy comparison with Signal as well as WhatsApp.

Signal is a mobile application that runs on Signal application is available for Android, iOS, iPad, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Data gathered via Signal -the phone number

Download it for Android and iOS.

Price: Free

2. Telegram

Telegram connects people across the world through a distinct collection of information centers. It’s known for providing the highest level of security and does not allow any third-party access to your personal information. If a user can enable”secret chats,” or “secrets chats” feature that allows messages to self-delete in a way that is automatic across all devices that are involved. If you’d like to set up an option to automatically delete your account at a certain date.
With Telegram, you can effortlessly transfer messages between different devices at the same time. Telegram comes with all essential functions, like sending videos, media files documents of any kind (DOC MP3, ZIP, MP3, etc.).) or setting up bots to perform specific tasks.
It features a simple user interface that makes the app extremely user-friendly. Additionally, the app is encrypted and is completely free. It doesn’t show any advertisements and doesn’t include the cost of subscriptions.

Data gathered through Telegram

Telephone Numbers, Names, Contacts, and User ID

Get it for Android and iOS.

Price: Free


3. WhatsApp - Encrypted Messaging App

WhatsApp is among the most well-known and secure messaging apps available for Android as well as iOS. Since 2014, WhatsApp has joined forces in a partnership with Open Whisper Systems to integrate the same encrypted end-to-end chat protocol that is used by Signal. The E2E encryption guarantees it is only those who send the messages and the recipient can read messages, and no one other than WhatsApp.

But it’s not enough for stopping WhatsApp leaks in chats. In addition, WhatsApp is known to gather massive meta-data which could be used to track users. In the past, WhatsApp also announced a new privacy policy in which Facebook will be able to access messages that are sent via WhatsApp corporate accounts.

The bright side is that it has features for messaging voice messages pictures and videos, GIFs videos, voice calls group chats, location sharing and disappearing messages, and many more. It also comes with Snapchat-like disappearing stories that are accessible to the people you have on your WhatsApp contacts.
It offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It comes with “WhatsApp Web” and WhatsApp desktop application it is possible to communicate and receive messages using your personal computer. The app is free for download and has no ads.

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Download it for Android and iOS.

Price: Free

4. Threema

With more than 1 million downloaded users, Threema is one of the most reliable open-source secure messaging apps available for Android, iOS, and Windows phones. The application is a premium one that is priced at US$2.99. 2.99. It comes with all the essential options to secure your data from being accessed by corporations, government agencies hackers, and the government.
The app does not require an email address or a phone number to register. Instead, it will provide you with a distinct Threema ID. Alongside messages via text, Threema allows end-to-end encryption for group chats, voice calls files, as well as status messages. Text messages sent via the application are removed from the servers after they have been received.
Threema utilizes the reliable free Networking and Cryptography library (NaCl) to safeguard your communications. Through Threema Web, you can utilize the app on your desktop, too.

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Threema3ma collects data from an email address, phone numbers, and User ID

Download it for iOS and Android.

Price: $2.99

5. iMessage

iPhone users do not need to search for a replacement since iMessage itself is among the securest message applications. It has end-to-end encryption, and also takes other precautions to protect your messages online.
It’s not just for iPhone It’s accessible on iPads as well as macOS devices too. This means that it’s integrated into all of the Apple ecosystems. In addition to the security aspect, iMessage comes loaded with numerous features, including AR-powered Animoji as well as Memoji stickers, a simple interface for users, and more.
A useful feature is the ability to include YouTube videos and Spotify links, photos videos, photos, and more. within messages without leaving the application. iMessage is quite popular among iOS users. It is the only drawback it isn’t accessible for Android (for evident reasons).

Data gathered through iMessage

The data collected by iMessage-Address, Email, Phone number, search history, and the device ID.

Price: Free

6. Silence

Previously named SMS Secure, Silence is an excellent messaging app for private messages on your phone. It makes use of Axolotl encryption to offer an end-to-end encryption service to other Silence users. If the other user doesn’t have the application installed, however, you can communicate via it just like any other SMS app.
Silence functions as an ordinary SMS app, which means it does not require a server or an internet connection to your device. It is not required to sign up or register with the login details. Additionally, the application can be downloaded for free and is open-source.

Data gathered through Silence

Get it on Android

Price: Free

7. Viber Messenger

Viber is an encrypted cross-platform messaging app initially accessible on the iPhone. It is similar to Skype. Viber first launched in its Android platform back in the year 2012 and was followed by BlackBerry in 2013 and Windows phones. With the latest technologies for encryption, Viber is introducing end-to-end encryption on all available platforms – Mac, PC, iOS, and Android.
The distinctive feature of Viber is the fact that it employs the color code system to display the degree of security a conversation has. Grey color denotes encrypted communication. Green indicates encrypted communication with a trusted partner and red is an indication of there is a problem in the key to authenticate. It is also possible to block specific chats and then access them in the future.

In addition to being a secure messaging application, It also lets you play games use public accounts, share your contact’s media files, change your location, and much more. It has more than 800 million people around the world and is completely absolutely free for downloading.

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Get it for Android and iOS.

Price: Free

8. Wickr Me - Private Messenger

Wickr Me is another powerful encrypted messaging app that is available for Android and iOS. It secures all messages using advanced, tested end-to-end encryption. It allows you to send self-destructing private messages, images videos, photos, and voice messages to Wickr users.
The app is now offering the “Shredder” function that permanently erases all chat messages and media content off your device. You can also add the “Expiration Timer” to your messages. The app for private messaging doesn’t require a phone number and email address to sign-up and doesn’t keep any information about your messages.
Alongside the security features, this safe messaging app is completely free to use and does not show ads.

Data obtained from Wickr Me

Wickr MeWickr Me – phone number, product interaction Crash Data, and Other Diagnostic Data

Download it forAndroidas well as iOS platforms.

Price: Free

9. Dust

This app was developed with total security in mind. It was previously called Cyber-Dust. Dust conversations are secured, and the app offers complete encryption to all users. Dust does not save messages in any sort of permanent storage. You can have your conversations erased as soon as the receiver has read them.
This chat application that is secure blocks the possibility of taking pictures from your chat messages. It detects automatically and alerts users when someone captures a screenshot, which makes it among more secure chat applications. Additionally, Dust is also a social media platform and it allows you to follow people as well as send and receive messages via text as well as stickers, links videos, and other information. It’s completely free for download.

Data was collected through Dust

Dust Dust did not collect any data.

Download it for iOS andAndroid.

Price: Free

10. Status - Encrypted Messaging App

Status is a newcomer within the safest messaging applications market. Status is an open-source application that functions as a private messaging app and comes with the decentralized crypto-wallet, as well as a Web3 browser that allows you to use Ethereum apps that are based on Ethereum.
In addition to encryption from end-to-end, it also employs the peer-to-peer (p2p) communication protocol that allows you to send secure and private messages. You don’t even require to have a number to log in. Status makes use of both private and public cryptographic keys which are stored in your phone. Additionally, you must create your own “chat name and key” that is exclusive to you. The app also permits you to join chats with other users.
But the most appealing feature is that you can transfer SNT that is Status the indigenous cryptocurrency. SNT is like Brave browser’s BAT (Basic Attention Token) in that you earn rewards for being connected to the platform. The only issue with the application is that it’s not yet fully developed. So, not many people are using it.

Data was collected from the Status

Status – There is no data to be collected

Download it for iOSandAndroid.

Price: Free

Our recommended apps (Encrypted messaging apps)

In addition to the mentioned encrypted text messaging apps, There are many others. The Wire is an app that provides complete encryption for all of your messages. Facebook Messenger provides encryption, however, it has been criticized by security researchers in the past.

What do I need to look for in security features?

End-to-end encryption A message is encrypted if the service provider is unable to open the message on their servers, i.e. only those who you are communicating with can be able to access your message. No one, not even the government, creators, ISPs, or anybody else can access the message. Only the receiver and sender with encryption keys will be able to see the message. This is currently the most secure and private method of communicating. An essential feature to ensure secure messaging.

High-quality living Apps should also be user-friendly and come with all the features that are expected of them. The majority of apps today have multi-mode communication, which allows users to send messages via video, text, and audio. Some apps have multi-platform support. This is a highly popular feature because it allows users to transfer messages between mobile desktops, the web, and platforms. Other features, like disappear mode, deletion of messages, read receipts, etc. are also beneficial.

Did you enjoy this list of Most Secure and Secure messaging apps for (Android and iOS)? Comment on your experiences in the comment section below.


Which is the safest and most encrypted messaging application?

They are among the Most Secure and Secure messaging apps for (Android and iOS) since they do not store any personal information. In addition, when considering other factors such as the number of users, the features offered such as features, etc., Signal and Telegram are also excellent.

is Signal most safe, reliable, and encrypted What is a messaging app?

No. Status is the safest messaging application. It does not have many options, which is why Signal is an extremely secure message application.

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