13 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps For Android [2022]

Although certain YouTube videos are available for download as well as offline watching, using third-party applications in order to download YouTube videos is not in line with YouTube’s rules. The YouTube Conditions of Use clearly state that users should not download YouTube videos in the event that a download button or link is provided on YouTube on a particular platform.

Additionally, one isn’t permitted to download or make copies of content protected by copyright. If caught you could be subject to the possibility of a trial or paying an amount of fine. Even though YouTube has not ever slammed at anyone who downloaded copyrighted material using an application called a YouTube video downloader but the practice is untrue.

However, regardless of the risk however, if you’re looking to download YouTube videos, Here are a few of the top Android applications to meet your requirements.

It is important toUse the apps only to download YouTube videos you own, or which are under the Creative Commons reusable license.

13 YouTube Video Downloader that is the Best For Android

1. Savefrom.net

Savefrom.net is a popular source for downloading YouTube videos. It allows you to download videos from various popular websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Additionally, you can download videos straight through this website, install an extension for the web browser extensions, or use the mobile application.

The app functions as a browser and lets you browse different websites. If there’s an available video to download on the webpage that you want to download, the button on the bottom right corner will change green. It is possible to press the same button to start the downloading process. Their ads are on the free version of the application. You will have to buy the premium version to get rid of them.

Video downloads from YouTube to Android by using Savefrom.net

  • Find the desired video or type in the URL
  • Make sure to click the green icon close to the bottom-right corner.
  • Choose whether you wish to download the audio or video version.
  • Select “DOWNLOAD”
  • Select the “Downloads” tab below the menu to view the clips that have been downloaded.


2. Videoder

Videoder is a powerful program and one of Android’s most effective YouTube video downloaders. You can select from various websites to download videos, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

It lets you download and stream videos in a variety of formats. You can select the quality you want and also share the video within the application. The application can be customized and has an amazing user interface. It provides speedier download speeds and includes a variety of themes, night modes, an integrated video player, and many more.

Videoder isn’t available in the Google Play Store, but you can download the application free of charge from its official website and then install the app on your smartphone. There are no in-app purchases, but it does contain advertisements. However, you can eliminate the ads if you purchase the Videoder Premium plugin on the Play Store.

Get YouTube video downloads to Android by using Videoder.

  • Open YouTube on the app.
  • Find the video.
  • Select the video format.
  • You can edit the file’s name and download location in the pop-up window.
  • Tap Start Download.

3. NewPipe

NewPipe is an open-source Android application that can be used to save YouTube videos at no cost. It’s important to note that the app is lightweight and does not use any exclusive YouTube API or Google’s Play service.

NewPipe strives to deliver an authentic YouTube app user experience with no annoying ads. It’s an open-source app that has a user-friendly interface. One of the best features of this app is the background player, which allows you to play all YouTube videos in the background while using other applications.

The most prominent characteristics in NewPipe include:

  • Search for videos
  • Open Video in Kodi
  • Tor/Orbot, 1080p/2k/4k support available
  • Subtitles, playlists, queuing, history support

Video downloading is easy and offers rapid download speeds. It provides a variety of resolutions and formats to download YouTube audio files and videos. Furthermore, the app protects your security as it doesn’t save any user information and does not use any service to examine your behavior. Other notable features offered by the app are subscriptions to channels, video pop-up mode, support for 4K, multiple themes, and so on.

All in all, NewPipe is one of the top free YouTube downloaders that does not have advertisements or in-app purchases.

How do I download YouTube videos to Android using NewPipe?

  • Download the app.
  • Start the app and type in the name of the video you wish to download from the bar for searching.
  • Select the video you want to watch from the results of your search.
  • Click on the download button, then select the quality and file format. You are also able to edit the file’s name.
  • If you confirm, you will receive your download hyperlink automatically generated.

4. arkTube

arkTube offers an ad-free, user-friendly YouTube videos downloader on Android which utilizes the command-line YouTube-dl program to its fullest potential.
The Android application is very light. In contrast to others YouTube video downloaders on this list, it does not include a dedicated YouTube section. After arkTube installs on Android, it is possible to download YouTube videos using the official YouTube application.
In the Android app, you’ll have the option of setting a default resolution for your videos and audio codec to download in the MKV format, and many more. But, some of these options are limited and only unlockable when you purchase an official developer’s gift package on the Google Play Store.

How do I download YouTube videos to Android with arkTube

  • Install the application and grant authorization to use media.
  • You can visit YouTube and choose the VideoVideo you would like to download.
  • Tap the Share button
  • Click on the image called VideoVideo. Tap the icon that says
  • Choose the resolution you prefer.
  • You must wait for the download to be completed.

5. Dentex YouTube Downloader

Dentex is another software for downloading videos that you can use the download YouTube videos at no cost. The Android application has a simple user interface that is free of advertisements.
Once you have selected YouTube, the application opens the Format tab, where you can select the video’s format. YouTube video previews aren’t available in this downloader for videos. After you have selected the format, you’ll be able to see the status of your download on the Dashboard.
If you are looking for YouTube videos, you may reduce your search results with filters. You can also save results for later. The app offers a variety of theme choices. Additionally, the Android app allows users to extract audio files from YouTube videos.

6. Snaptube

Snaptube is another YouTube video downloader that can download videos from various sources. It offers a user-friendly interface featuring popular sites, well-known YouTube videos, and categories arranged into blocks. It is also possible to perform the Youtube search directly using your search box.
Snaptube is also an extremely fast Android YouTube downloader; you can pick the quality of the movie before downloading it. You can also share downloaded videos on Facebook, Twitter, etc., through the application.
The videos downloaded are automatically saved to the device’s storage, and you can browse the downloaded files in a categorized manner. Categories of music and videos.

Download videos using Snaptube

  • Launch the app and choose the YouTube mobile website from the homepage.
  • Find the video on YouTube’s YouTube Search bar.
  • Select the video and then tap on the download button on the right-hand side of the video.

Select your video’s quality, and then your video will begin downloading.

7. InsTube

InsTube is another features-rich YouTube video downloader that is available for Android. It can also transfer videos to other popular websites like Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and many more. It’s a trusted Android application that provides fast download speeds.
Before downloading the videos, you can pick which quality to use with YouTube videos. You can also upload YouTube videos within the YouTube application to InsTube. Furthermore, InsTube is highly-customizable. You can include bookmarks and even create your private area to block any video you want to.

Watch streaming videos online on Android by using InsTube

  • Open the app and then go to your preferred website.
  • Find the video you want to download, then tap the video you want to download.
  • Click on the download button in red and select what quality you want for the download.
  • Click the “fast download” button, and the video will begin downloading.

8. VidMate App

VidMate is an amazing Android video downloader application. It is a reliable application for downloading YouTube videos. It allows you to search for videos based on various types of categories, such as music, movies, and TV shows, or search for any file using the search bar.
VidMate offers you quick video download speeds. However, you are able to modify the speed and select the most preferred location for downloads within its settings for downloading.
The app also has an in-built video player, a music player, and a video player. You can also create a secure space inside the app to keep videos off.

Find videos on Android by using VidMate

  • Open the app and click on YouTube mobile website in the app.
  • Look up the video you would like to download, then click the download button in red within the video.
  • Select the quality of the video, then tap on the “Download” choice. The video will begin downloading.

9. YouTube Downloader YT3

It’s a basic Android YouTube video downloader where you can download YouTube videos in MP3 or MP4 formats. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that is simple to use. The preview button allows you to take the opportunity to preview the video before downloading it.
It speeds up downloads, and all the files you download will be stored in the download folder. It also displays lyrics when it plays music. It is possible to download high or low-quality videos in contrast to other apps that download videos and music exclusively from YouTube.

Download YouTube videos using YT3 Downloader

  • Launch the app and search for the videos you wish to download.
  • Choose either the MP3 or MP4 download option on the right-hand side of the screen. You may also download an audio preview before you download the file.
  • You can also upload videos uploaded via the YouTube application to the YT3 downloader to download it.

10. YMusic

The last but not least, YMusic is an Android application for downloading YouTube videos. It also allows viewers to stream YouTube videos on the background.

In the Android application, users can look up the latest YouTube videos, as well as music tracks that are popular. Users can adjust the speed of the video and also keep the timer on while watching videos.

The YMusic Video Downloader application allows users to download HD YouTube videos. However, it it limits users to downloading a single type of file (MP4). Users can also be able to find Mp3 hyperlinks for YouTube videos in m4a and mp3 format.

The Android application’s major flaw is that it doesn’t let users watch the video, but instead hear the sound and the users must download the video in order to get around the obstacle.

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11. TubeMate

TubeMate is another of the most popular free YouTube video downloaders. It is a beautiful interface that is simple to use. It includes an integrated browser that allows users to download videos on their preferred website.
TubeMate allows you to choose the quality and type of video before downloading it. The videos downloaded are stored in your phone’s memory.
You can also save YouTube movies in MP3 formats. However, it will require an additional application to convert videos into MP3. All in all, TubeMate is an excellent video downloader for Android. However, you will endure many annoying ads.

Download YouTube videos using TubeMate

  • Launch the app and then go to the site for video sharing.
  • Select the desired video from the results of your search. TubeMate will prompt you to select the appropriate video quality.
  • After choosing your resolution and quality, hit for download.

12. Telegram

Did you not know? The Telegram messenger application can also be a YouTube video downloader on Android. The greatest part is Telegram is among the most secure chatting applications, which means you’re secure from malware while downloading YouTube videos.

There are a variety of Telegram bots available to download YouTube videos. For instance, @utubebot is one of the best bots that allows you to download YouTube videos. YouTube. Also, you can make use of @fbdown_bot for downloading videos from Facebook.

Download YouTube videos using Telegram

  • Start your Telegram app and look for a bot named @utube.
  • Choose the bot you want to use and tap Start
  • Include the YouTube link to the chat
  • Choose the format of the video
  • Download the video

13. Keepvid

A less well-known but highly effective YouTube video downloader available to Android customers is Keepvid. It allows you to save videos hosted on the most popular sites like YouTube and Facebook. However, you can download videos directly from Keepvid’s site and get them as an APK file; that is the fastest method of accessing the same online source.

When you download a video using Keepvid, you have many options in terms of the quality of the file and its size. You can also choose to download only the audio version of the footage.

Download YouTube videos using Keepvid

  • Open Keepvid app
  • Copy or paste your URL to the video you wish to view.
  • Scroll down to select the file you want to download according to your preferences. Next, you can tap “download.”

YouTube video downloaders FAQs

How do get the videos downloaded from YouTube?

You’ll need to purchase YouTube Premium for the ability to download YouTube videos on YouTube. You can download videos from YouTube app and then view them offline.

What is the most effective YouTube software to download videos?

In terms of third-party applications, New Pipe is the most effective YouTube video downloader, according to our view. It’s speedy and comes with an intuitive interface to facilitate downloading of videos.

How do I get YouTube videos downloaded? YouTube videos for no cost?

Third-party YouTube downloading software or YouTube Go application in order to download YouTube videos at no cost.

Which is the most secure Android video downloader application?

If you’re looking for security as well as performance Savefrom.net will be the most notable Android video downloader in this list. According to the website, it’s received the approval of Norton Safe Web.

Did you find this list of most effective Android video downloaders useful? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section. While you’re here, why don’t you look over the list of most effective Android video editing apps.

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