15 Best and Free Antivirus Apps for Android in 2022.

Since smartphones are an integral element of our lives, we no longer use them solely for communication. They keep a lot of their personal information on their smartphones.
Is it secure to save your data on your smartphone in the age of data leaks and continuous threats to your privacy? It’s not unless you protect it with robust mobile security applications. The overview of the most effective Best and Free Antivirus Apps free available on Android smartphones for 2022 that are accessible in the Google Play Store. 

Note :The following collection of Android security apps isn’t presented in the order you prefer but is merely an amalgamation. It is recommended to pick the one that best suits your requirements.

15 Best and Free Antivirus Apps in 2022

1. Avast Antivirus

Avast safeguards many users across the world on different platforms. At the moment it’s among the most highly-rated Android security tools, according to AV-Test. With a single click and a single click, the Android antivirus checks for dangerous or infected applications and trojans and offers total protection against viruses and spyware.
There are in-app purchases through which you can get rid of advertisements and gain access to the app locking feature, as well as some additional features that are more advanced, such as SIM security camera traps, SIM security, etc.
The Free version that comes with Avast for Android includes several amazing features that provide complete security against viruses and other threats that could affect your phone. With all of these amazing capabilities, Avast Mobile security is an excellent choice for the best antivirus that is Best and Free Antivirus Apps in 2022.

The key features of Avast Antivirus

  • App insights to see how much time you spend using each app.
  • Junk cleaner to clean cache and other files.
  • Photo vaults to protect photos from unauthorized access.
  • Web shield to ensure safe internet browsing.

App Installs: Over 100 million downloads

Google Play Store Rating:4.7

2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender Antivirus Free is an effective antivirus program that protects against viruses on Android. It is among the most effective security apps available for Android which utilizes cloud-based scanning technology, which gives you an extremely fast scanning speed. It also ensures that it doesn’t cause any slowdown to your device or consume the battery.
What can make BitDefender an ideal candidate for the title of the best antivirus available for free on Android is the fact that it provides real-time protection and checks apps when they are installed.
Bitdefender also offers an option to pay for the service (Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus) with a 14 day of trial for free. For access to the greater features in Bitdefender including a Malware scanner and account privacy, as well as web security, Anti-theft, as well as App locker, try this paid edition.

Features of Bitdefender Antivirus Free

  • Integrated VPN to allow access to blocked websites.
  • Smart unlock allows apps to be unlocked while connected to reliable Wi-Fi.
  • Web protection is a way to detect malware and adware while you browse.

App Installs: Over 5 million

Google Play Store Rating:4.7

3. Norton 360

One of the most popular free antivirus app for Android by 2022. Norton 360 offers impressive Android security features. The application generally has a 100% detection rate and can remove spyware, malware, or Android malware that slows the speed of the device. It may set off an alarm to locate your device missing and remotely disable your device to protect against theft of data, and prevent unwanted messages or calls.
It also has apps that are separate including an app locker as well as a password manager which are both available for free on the Play Store. A further Norton 360 feature is that it can detect any personal information that is leaking on the dark internet.
Premium features with advanced features are available for trial periods that last for 30 days. In the end, Norton 360 is no doubt among the most trusted apps in the search for the top antivirus software for Android smartphones in 2022.

Principal features in Norton Mobile Security

  • Wi-Fi scanning will notify you of unsecured connections.
  • Safe Search for flagging unsafe websites while you browse.
  • Call blocking is a method of muting unwanted and unwanted calls.
  • Sneak Peek to take pictures of someone using your device without authorization

App Installs: Over 50 million

Google Play Store Rating:4.7

4. AVG AntiVirus

AVG AntiVirus is a powerful antivirus software program designed by AVG Technologies and is a subsidiary of Avast software. It comes with the essential functions that make a great antivirus scan on Android and Internet security tools like periodic scans, Wi-Fi security RAM booster, junk clean-up power saver, call blocker, and more.
A few of the most useful features of AVG’s Android antivirus app are accessible for a trial period which is 14 days. AVG also offers several extensions like AVG Cleaner AVG safe VPN Alarm Clock Xtreme and Gallery application that is available on the Play Store for no cost.

Principal features of AVG AntiVirus

  • Dual-engine antivirus that can remove malware and viruses.
  • A performance-enhancing feature that can extend the life of batteries.
  • Photo vault to secure photos.
  • Surveillance agents can remotely take images and record audio via the phone using the website.

App Installs: Over 100 million

Google Play Store Rating:4.7

5. Sophos Intercept X

The past few years, Sophos is a previous winner at the AV-TEST Awards – the Independent IT-Security Institute. It’s an excellent, antivirus program for free on Android and does not show any advertisements, and has a lot of features.
Alongside proper security for malware, you also benefit from features such as theft and loss protection app locker, security advisor which offers tips on how you can improve your the security of your device, such as authenticator, call blocker and many more.
This app is among the most effective virus scanners on Android It protects against viruses, malware, and trojans that may affect speed and performance on your phone.

Features of Sophos Intercept X

  • Web filtering is used to block harmful websites.
  • Secure apps by using the use of a passcode.
  • Wi-Fi security is designed to guard your privacy against being spied on by middlemen.
  • Call protection is used to stop unwanted calls.

App Installs: Over 1 million

Google Play Store Rating:4.3

6.Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky is a fantastic security application and is among the top antivirus apps available for Android. You can opt for the free version that comes with the option of premium feature purchases in the app or purchase a paid version. The free version includes the ability to manually scan apps for viruses and malware.
The premium version comes with real-time security, anti-theft as well as anti-phishing. It also has an app locker that gives additional protection for your essential applications. You will be able to access all premium features within the free trial period of 30 days.

Features of Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

  • Call filtering to block spam and unwanted calls
  • Locate my Phone to track your cell phone if it has been lost
  • Background apps check to look for malware in downloaded applications
  • Protection against trojans, viruses, and malware

App Installs: Over 50 million

Google Play Store Rating:4.8

7.Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro is relatively new to the world of antivirus for Android but it’s not insignificant. Trend Micro is one of the most trusted cybersecurity companies around the globe and we’ve reported its security researchers numerous times.
The Android application guards users from fraudulent attacks, phishing, and crypto-mining attacks i.e. it covers everything you would expect from the best antivirus for phones. It checks apps for suspicious activity before they are downloaded on the phone.
The Trend Micro application puts much effort into protecting its users from financial fraud and theft. The app also protects against dangerous websites as well as the privacy protection feature for Facebook. It also offers protection against harmful websites and privacy scanners for Facebook. Trend Micro Android app is among the top options out in the field of Android antivirus scans.

Features of Trend Micro Mobile Security

  • Security against fraudulent applications for shopping and banking.
  • Wi-Fi Checker to look for unsecured connections.
  • Privacy scanner to identify applications that are stealing personal information.
  • Scanning URL’s and websites when browsing.

App Installations: Over 500 thousand

Google Play Store Rating:4.7

8. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Android antivirus has been awarded numerous awards since its launch. The majority of the features like anti-theft such as security locks, Wi-Fi security, the battery optimizer, memory cleaning, etc. are included in the free edition of the Android antivirus application.
It is a user-friendly interface and the most impressive feature is that it has instructions for each feature. The premium version comes with just a handful of additional options and is costly compared to other paid antivirus applications for Android.
One of the shortcomings of the application is that it has a complex configuration once you decide on the professional version. But, the app is among the Best and Free Antivirus Apps available for Android in terms of safeguarding your phone.

Features of McAfee Mobile Security

  • Thief Cam camera to capture photos of intrusions
  • Option to wipe data remotely in the event of theft, or lost mobile phone
  • Anti-theft uninstall protection is designed to prevent a thief from uninstalling an antivirus program.
  • Support for Android Wear devices

App Installs: Over 50 million

Google Play Store Rating:4.5

9. DFNDR Security

DFNDR is the best free antivirus for Android in 2022 that keeps your smartphone performance-optimized. It was named the best antivirus app by AV-TEST Institute named it the best antivirus program at the time.
It’s an all-in-one phone protection application that comes with tools for anti-hacking and anti-phishing. The Android application can also speed up the speed of your Internet connection by removing background applications that are competing with you for bandwidth.
The downside is that it shows advertisements that can be irritating however, you can be completely ad-free by purchasing a small amount annual subscription.

Key Characteristics of DFNDR Security

  • Anti-hacking feature and anti-phishing feature
  • Quick cleanup to eliminate unwanted files as well as cache
  • AppLock locks apps using the use of fingerprint technology and passcodes.
  • DFNDR assistant to provide you with regular updates regarding using antivirus to the maximum extent

App Installs: Over 100 million

Google Play Store Rating:4.5

10.Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus is a lesser-known Android malware scanner that’s similarly reliable, just like counterparts that are on this list. It’s full-featured and the majority of its features are accessible in the free version.
For privacy and antivirus, It can also look over other storage devices and display the score of each application on the privacy scale. With its “cell phone tracker’ feature, it will monitor your phone’s location when you need to.
If you do lose your mobile, this will cause the person who owns your phone to call you. With the premium version of the app, you will be able to get additional protection including camera protection, more security for your browser, and more. These features are quickly accessed via in-app purchases.

Key Characteristics Avira Antivirus Security

  • Privacy advisor to help you understand the ways apps collect your data
  • Protection of the camera and microphone to protect against snooping attacks
  • Ant-ransomware to safeguard against ransomware-related attacks
  • Web-based malware prevention

App Installs: Over 10 million

Google Play Store Rating:4.5

12. Malwarebytes Security

Last but not least is the Malwarebytes antivirus application for Android. MalwareBytes is a trusted antivirus program for PCs. You can run a quality Android antivirus scan with the application.
This free antivirus application for Android regularly checks the privacy of installed applications. It identifies apps that track the location of your phone, tracks your phone calls, etc. It can be used to eliminate unwanted ads and malware. Additionally, the application is completely free of ads.
However, we suggest buying a $1.49 per month monthly subscription where the app can detect ransomware threats before they occur. The premium version also checks for sites that may be phishing when you browse. I would think that additional features would have been great. However, it’s an excellent antivirus application to use on Android 2022.

Key features of Malwarebytes Security

  • Speed booster that cleans the phone’s RAM and improves gaming performance.
  • Filtering for SMS and calls.
  • Intruder Selfie to take photos of any person trying to hack into your phone.

App Installs: Over 10 million

Google Play Store Rating:4.6

13. F-Secure Antivirus

With an average rating of 4.2 ratings on Google Play Store with over 1 million downloads, F-Secure is an extremely popular choice in our list of top antivirus apps available for Android. F-Secure is not the sole app that F-Secure Corporation creates. F-Secure’s app is part of the F-Secure ecosystem, with other apps including an application for security checks and a VPN as well as an AV-Test application.
The app has scans of apps that claim to shield you from, you guessed it, dangerous apps. Additionally, it also comes with an option for banking protection that safeguards your bank account details as well as your details from spying. It also has parental control as well as browsing protection. In all, it’s one of the most comprehensive antivirus applications available in the Google Play Store. 

Key Features of F-Secure Antivirus

  • Parental Protection
  • Quick virus definition updates
  • Internet Banking and App security.

App Installs: Over 100,000

Google Play Store Rating: 4.2

14. Zoner Antivirus

Zoner Antivirus is a basic antivirus app that includes many of the features you would expect from an antivirus program. It includes everything from virus scans to Ad Detection to examining apps as well as permissions. This application can be your go-to source to keep everything on your device under control.
It also scans newly installed applications for malware. It is also scans downloaded files and SD cards for malware. Secure messages, another feature is a way to secure messages sent through SMS emails, SMS, Facebook, and most of the most popular social platforms for communication and media, ensuring that your personal information will remain secure.

Key Features Of Zoner Antivirus

  • Real-time application and downloads scanning.
  • Secure messaging protects your data.
  • Menu of permissions and apps to identify apps making use of permissions they don’t require.

App installs: 1,000000+

Google Play Store Rating:4.2

15. ESET Mobile Security

ESET is an experienced player in PC security and it now offers an antivirus application for Android. It has an Antivirus feature, which is what you’d expect. It also has a Security Audit feature which examines applications’ permissions and immediate scanning and security reports activity log and is also able to scan USB as well as SD cards for mobile devices.
There’s also an upgraded version that adds additional features, including anti-theft, payment protection as well as anti-phishing, call filters and an app lock and it also can support as many as five different devices at the same time. Overall, it’s a great overall antivirus program for Android.

Features of ESET Mobile Antivirus

  • Security reports include all reports of apps on the same spot, making it easy to see what apps are doing within your mobile.
  • A real-time scanner scans applications and files that are downloaded to alert you quickly when an app you downloaded recently contains malware.

Total App installs: 10,000,000+

Google Play Store Rating: 4.7

What to Look For in The Top Antivirus App for Android

The things you need to look for in antivirus software include: whether the app is AV-certified and if it comes with web protection to safeguard your online credentials and the dimensions of the app and its weight and, lastly the design and appearance of the application.

Do Android Phones Need Antivirus Apps?

It depends! If you’re the kind that Android person who downloaded many applications and other content from unreliable sources, using an Android antivirus on your side is a good idea.
But, if you make use of reliable sources, for example downloading applications through Google Play Store, for instance, Google Play Store, or “play secure” generally, you don’t need an antivirus.
However, these are our Best and Free Antivirus Apps. Did you find these apps useful? Don’t forget to tell us about your experiences in the comments section if you think we left or omitted any security mobile app.


Do I require an antivirus that comes with a VPN?

There is no need, however, it is recommended to have an antivirus running in the background when you browse geo-blocked sites using the VPN. If you are using websites that offer piracy services using an antivirus program to check the files you download is vital because they could contain trojan and malware.

Can a VPN and antivirus be used together?

Yes, they are! There is no problem operating two VPN and antivirus programs at the same time in the background. However, to stop two different apps from taking up your RAM while running you can select antivirus programs that have VPN as an option.

How can I check the security of my Android to detect malware?

Android over the past few years has advanced to the point where it now detects harmful apps and files and alerts you before installing or downloading the apps and files. Therefore, you do not require an antivirus to check for the malware that is on Android. There have been previously reported instances where malware was able to escape the wrath of Google Play security — In this case, you should activate the scanning feature of any of the listed antivirus apps that runs within the background.

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