15 Best Android Emulators For PC In 2022: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Android emulators have a variety of uses; they can be used to help developers test their apps to gamers who play on large screens. Perhaps you’re looking to switch between iPhone to Android or would like to try the latest software you’ve developed on your PC. The possibilities of Android Emulators for Windows and Mac PCs are limitless. People who use them regularly may want to try Android OS on a Windows PC paired with a keyboard and mouse.
Even though BlueStacks has always been top of the list for phone emulators that work on PCs, there are a handful of other options that are rapidly catching up. This is why we have compiled a list of the top Android emulators for PCs. This article will go over the advantages and disadvantages of each emulator in depth.

Top Android Emulators For PC, Mac, and Linux

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  1. BlueStacks (most popular Android emulator)

BlueStacks is the most well-known Android emulator on PCs. It is a favourite for gaming and is incredibly simple to install. In addition to Google Play Store, you can download optimized applications through its app store.

For gaming performance, it is superior to many different Android emulators. However, you will experience lags, particularly for computers that aren’t as powerful. However, it’s still among the top Android emulators that work on PCs, particularly those just beginning to learn about emulators.

BlueStacks Android emulator currently running upon Android 7.1.2 (Nougat).

Price: Free/ Premium $24


  • Simple to set up, and no technical expertise is needed
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Best all-rounder Android Emulator


  • Not as effective on low-end PCs.
  • You require a minimum of 4GB of RAM to run smoothly.

2. Nox Player (Best Emulator for PC)

Nox Player specifically targets Android gamers. While the emulator is fantastic for playing Android applications and enjoying the full Android experience, it’s perfect for playing big games like PUBG and Justice League. It’s among the top Android emulators to play games.
The Nox Player lets you assign keys to the mouse, keyboard, and gamepad. You can also assign keys on the keyboard to gestures, such as using mapping shortcuts or swiping right. You can also set your RAM and CPU usage in the settings to achieve the best gaming performance.
This Android emulator is built on Android 5 Lollipop, which may concern many. While it’s not completely free, the app has unwanted software that users have claimed to be “difficult to remove.” Many popular antiviruses have classified Nox systems files to be potentially dangerous.

Price: Free/ Premium $24


  • Multiple windows on a single device
  • Mapping shortcuts to controllers
  • Easy to establish
  • Stunning UI


  • Security protocols are not up to scratch, and unidentified files
  • Laggy when windows are open in multiple locations

3. GameLoop (Tencent Gaming Buddy)

Game Loop Game Loop, originally called Tencent Gaming Buddy, recently became one of the top Android emulators for PCs because of exclusive Call of Duty Mobile support. Before the COD release, this emulator on Android was limited to PUBG and various gaming games developed by Tencent Developer.

GameLoop is a true fan of Android gaming, which explains the inability to support other Android applications. However, the bright side lies in GameLoop is among the top Android emulators available for Android gaming. It will be apparent the absence of many good gaming titles instantly in addition to the fact that GameLoop cannot be used for testing. Gameloop Android emulator cannot be used to test other Android applications.

Price: Free


  • Excellent integration of mouse and keyboard.
  • Call of Duty and PUBG’s official partner
  • Fantastic performance


  • Gaming is not restricted to
  • Gaming-related apps do not run as well.

4. MEmu (Windows)

MEmu is a relatively new player for apps compared to other players. It was launched in the year 2015, and MeMu Play, again, is a game-focused emulator. In terms of speed, the Android emulator has the same performance similar to Nox and BlueStacks. One of the key advantages of the MeMu Android emulator is that it supports both AMD and Nvidia chips.

MEmu is currently running on Android Lollipop and works top of the line in productivity applications. If you’re eager to play games such as Ingress and Pokemon Go, this should be the best choice. In the end, it’s the most effective Android emulator to use to enjoy Android on your PC.

Price: Free


  • Key Mapping
  • Create your virtual location on Google Maps
  • It supports both AMD and NVidia


  • Gaming is not restricted
  • It needs a decent PC

5. Android Studio (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Android Studio is a development IDE (Integrated development environment) from Google specifically targeted at developers. It comes with several tools and extensions to aid developers in creating and testing their applications.

Android Studio has a built-in emulator but fewer features than Genymotion. The emulator is certainly not designed for general use or playing heavy games. Android Studio is tough to set up, yet numerous developers are an absolute favourite.

Price: Free


  • Google’s official emulator
  • Regular updates


  • The setup is tough
  • Not suitable for gaming.
  • It needs a decent PC

6. Genymotion (best Android emulator for Linux)


Genymotion isn’t your typical Android emulator that runs on computers. It is exclusively targeted towards developers. Genymotion’s Android simulator allows you to test your apps on various Android variations on a range of devices. It is compatible with Android SDK and Android Studio. It is also compatible with macOS as well as Linux.

Because Genymotion is focused on developers, it comes with many developer-friendly features. However, it may not be the best choice for those seeking to test Android applications on their computer.

Pricing: Trail/Premium $136 per year.


  • Supports Android Studio
  • It runs on macOS and Linux
  • Versions of Run starting from Android 4.1 through 8.0


  • Not suitable for gaming.
  • No Play Store
  • It requires VirtualBox to be downloaded

7. Phoenix OS (Windows)

Phoenix OS is one of the most recent emulators on the market today and operates using x86 OS. It can run Android 7.1, which is uncommon since most emulators use an older version of Android. It’s ideal for playing and productivity because of its easy user interface.
For gaming, It is capable of high-definition running games which are high speed. It also supports multi-functions for gamers. This emulator is ideal for users with less expensive PCs since, even so, it can run games with 30+ FPS.


  • System requirements for low systems
  • Simple user interface


  • Only available for Windows
  • Ads supports the program

8. PrimeOS (Windows, Mac)

PrimeOS is the best choice for those who have been using RemixOS. PrimeOS is an open-source Androidx86 OS that can be booted via a USB drive or double booted on a computer. Performance for gaming is great; however, the real potential for the emulator lies in its ability to provide an Android-like experience for the desktop. With its unique UI and Android support, The Android Emulator is similar to ChromeOS in many instances.
In our thorough analysis, PrimeOS came out as a strong alternative to Bluestacks and other top Android emulators on PCs. In addition to gaming, with a lot of use, PrimeOS features multi-window support and keyboard mapping in games. However, you will likely experience slowdowns when playing graphically intensive games.


  • Overall, the best Android experience
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Multi-window support


  • Lots of ads
  • Google Play service not updated

9. AndY (Windows, Mac)


AndY is an Android emulator that is based upon VMWare Player. It was designed for Android gaming and is compatible with equally Xbox and PlayStation controllers. It also allows our smartphone to function as a joystick. AndY is also excellent for storage capacity and runs virtually every app that you can imagine.
However, it comes with some drawbacks, the most prominent being that it was last updated in the year 2018. Because of this, there are issues and inconsistencies here and there. But, the program has been accused of Bitcoin mining on computers of users without their permission in the past.


  • Supports remapping keyboard keys
  • Portrait and landscape modes
  • Emulates Android 7.1


  • It uses up too much space
  • APK files are not supported

10. LD Player (Windows)

A fairly recent Android emulator designed for computers on the market. LD Player prides itself on offering high-quality gaming performance along with game optimization. It provides essentials like gamepad support, keyboard mapping, and high-fps gaming.
LD Player has based on Android Nougat 7.1. The phone emulator is only accessible on Windows. Regarding the gaming experience, LD Player manages to stand up well compared to Nox player and Bluestacks when playing PUBG. But it’s not able to compete with Gameloop.


  • You can customize the allocation of resources
  • Accessible to Android shortcuts


  • There are fewer features when compared to other.

11. ARChon (Windows, Mac, Linux)


ARChon isn’t a big shoot Android emulator. Neither has a massive fan base. It’s more of an alternative to run Android applications in Chrome OS. Google introduced support for three or two Android apps to Chrome Web Browser.

The GitHub developer went a step higher and made it possible to play all Android apps in Chrome. This ARChon Android emulator is not ideal for gamers who want to play hardcore. However, it’s a great choice for accessing Android apps running on PC because of its ease of access.

Price: Free


  • Integrated into Chrome.
  • Apps for productivity are great.


  • Minimum developer support
  • Rare updates

12. Bliss OS (Windows, Linux)

In the same way that “Android Emulators” mimic Android for Your Windows PC, Bliss OS is, however, is Android as well and requires to be installed as an independent OS. For its installation, you can use the Virtual Box or create a bootable USB drive and then install Bliss OS ROM on it. Bliss OS ROM on the external storage.

Installing Bliss OS or any other Android x86-based program is always a good idea if you want the actual Android experiences on your computer. In addition, Bliss OS is an open-source project and does not include advertisements or Android emulators.

Price: Free


  • Open-source and ad-free
  • Beta version on Android 9 Pie
  • Substratum Theme Engine Support


  • Errors and bugs that are not corrected
  • Incompatible with Apple products

13. KOPlayer (Windows, Mac)

Like the other Android gaming emulators available, Ko Player focuses on offering a smooth gaming experience using a lightweight program. Since Ko Player is free of cost, you may encounter ads from time to time. Ko Player is easy to download and use applications. It is also compatible with keyboard mapping and emulators for gamepads.

The drawback of the Android emulator is that it can freeze suddenly. Additionally, the program isn’t the best, and it is difficult for users to deinstall it. It’s a great Android emulator that runs on PCs but isn’t the most impressive among the market.

Price: Free


  • Simple UI
  • Install any Android device
  • Easy to set up


  • There aren’t any options for customization to make it more user-friendly.

14. Remix OS (Windows)

Remix OS is not like other Android emulators available. It’s an entirely Android OS that you can start-up in. Remix OS is a separate application, unlike other emulators that can be easily installed added to windows. Window, Remix OS needs to be installed on an individual partition.

Even though Jide technology has ended its support for Android, you can download the most recent Android Marshmallow version. In addition, a similar project dubbed Phoenix OS is popular among Remix OS fans. In recent times, developers have upgraded this project with Android 7 Nougat. If you’re looking to play Android apps on your PC and Mac, these two could be the ideal choice for you.

Price: Free


  • Android OS experience
  • New file manager
  • Great for productivity apps

15. MuMu App Player (Windows)

After experiencing a huge amount of adware among the top emulators available that run on computers (Nox, Bluestacks), users are looking for alternatives worth considering, and Netease’s MuMu seems to be working with many. Recently upgraded with English support MuMu, the Android emulator that runs Windows 10 offers great performance. It’s among the few emulators that properly support gamepad input.

One of the reasons to enjoy MuMu is that there are fewer ads than other sites that send users advertisements every couple of seconds. The MuMu’s English version is available only to Windows users. Mac users can, however, get the initial Chinese version. Here’s a guide to changing the MuMu language.

Price: Free


  • Excellent performance
  • Fewer ads


  • Basic feature levels
  • It requires an internet connection to install

Android Emulators that couldn't make it to the top of the list.

The ones mentioned above are the top Android emulators you could use using the Windows PC. Here are some emulators that did not be on the list.

  • Droid4x
  • Arc Welder
  • Android x86
  • Xamarin

Before installing one of these emulators, it is crucial to be aware that they’re not free of bugs and can be slow at times. Additionally, their performance players are based on the specs of your computer.


Frequently Asked Questions On Emulators

Is GameLoop superior to BlueStacks?

It all comes down to individual preference, and both are among the top Android emulators available. It’s all about what you like best and what you intend to utilize it for. However, the sheer quantity of available apps on BlueStacks can give it an edge.

What are the advantages of making use of Android Emulator software?

By using Android emulators, users can play mobile games and other applications using their keyboard and mouse. It is also possible to play high-end mobile games that won’t work on older models of phones. In addition, you won’t need to be concerned about your phone’s battery life, and you can play for hours.

What Android emulator runs the most efficient?

BlueStacks, LD Player, Nox and MEmu, are among the lightest and most efficient Android emulators available.

Does Emulator Slow Down Computer?

It is all dependent on the device and the emulator you’re using. Your computer will be slower if you’re running an old PC but running a high-end application on the Android emulator. If you own a premium PC, there are no worries.

Are BlueStacks or NOX more effective?

Depending on the requirements of your needs, the best option is to pick the best. BlueStacks is the best choice when you have to use several apps, while Nox is the best choice if you only want to play games or play with fewer apps.

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