1993 P Quarter Errors

In 1993, the United States Mint struck a silver quarter with an error on its obverse side. The obverse side of the coin displayed a misshapen “P” in the middle of the coin’s motto. While this error caused confusion among coin collectors, it also made it difficult to identify genuine coins. Today, collectors are highly interested in these coins. The error was not the only problem with the coins issued in 1993.

Coins that contain errors are rare but still worth collecting. Despite the high value of error coins, they can fetch several hundred dollars. Here is a list of the most common errors and their approximate values. For example, if you find a 1999 Delaware Spitting Horse error coin, it’s most likely that it has a die crack at the Philadelphia mint. The extra metal surrounding the horse’s mouth makes it appear that the animal is spitting.

Errors on statehood quarters are rare and valuable. Some statehood quarters have extra treetops, while others have an extra leaf. A doubled die error refers to an area of misaligned impressions. The doubling occurred because a master tool that was used to impress the design slipped during production. This type of error affects the coin’s value depending on the strength of the doubling.

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