4 Basic Architectural Services You Should Consider

An architect is the right professional to hire when you’re planning a home extension, major renovation, or new construction. Modern architects can take on various roles through project delivery and are helpful from design conception to post-construction reporting. The best architects also exist as part of a larger construction management firm featuring engineers and other experts. Here are four architectural services to consider.


The programming phase commences interactions with most architects and doesn’t involve design work or development. During this phase, the architect aims to determine the scope of work involved. Whether you seek an extension or planning to build your dream house, architects can help you define your brief and budget.

An architect’s job is to design, plan and deliver the project according to the client’s needs and budget.

During consultations, the architect will ask various questions to understand your needs, wants, and problems you seek solutions for. The pre-design phase also involves research and decision-making to help design the best plan for your requirements. Most clients looking for an architect will begin with the consultation stage to verify that their requirements are captured. The architect will create a list of everything you want and use them to guide the design phases.

Schematic Design and Design Development

The schematic design services may be grouped with pre-design as they involve sketching the different plans and elevations. Your architect’s sketches are later translated into formal drawings and refined during design development. Schematic design is all about developing the floor and site plans and elevations. An excellent schematic design will describe the structural, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. The design will describe the interior and exterior finishes, immediate landscaping, and the building site.

Schematic designs are basic and need further refining and development. Design development involves refining the basic design, specifying and evaluating materials, and determining every little detail. The architect will help you review the materials, countertops, shower tiles, faucets, and other structural extremities. After the design development phase, you should have an overview of the project’s size, quality, and cost. Contracts are drafted after this phase.

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Creating Construction Documents

Architects can provide accurate drawings and construction documents required to erect the building. During this phase, the architect offers their first product. The document describes every element of the design, including materials and finishes.

Your architect will collaborate with the engineers (civil, structural, and mechanical) to resolve complexities. The documents contain the building blueprints, drawings, specifications, and construction instructions.

Construction documents are legal definitions of the building, and contractors must follow every bit. The architect will provide the contract documents required for bidding. Comprehensive construction documents will minimize unforeseen issues, cost growth, and time growth. Most architects can read basic designs and construction documents from their colleagues. Working with the same professional created a unified workflow with 100% accountability.

Bidding, Negotiations, and Administration

Architects can act as an agent of the project owner and handle soliciting bids from contractors. Modern construction management firms use the design-build process, which combines the designers and contractors into a single entity. The architect will offer advice regarding various decisions and help break down bids and contracts.

Once contracts are signed, the documents define the project. Your architect confirms that you understand everything to get the best value.

As agents of the owner, the architect will complete material testing, site visits, and inspections to confirm building specifications are followed. The goal is to certify that construction meets the description in the documents. Architects will check that contractors and other parties meet their end of the contract and follow all instructions. Project owners should check with their architects to guarantee this service is part of the basic package.

Reputable Architectural Services

Architects can provide additional services and are part of the project from the first steps of conceptualization. Project owners seeking sustainable delivery should stick to reputable construction management firms. Projects are only as good as the architects, who work best around experienced engineers, designers, contractors and other construction experts.

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