How to Make a Heart Out of a Gum Wrapper

Do you want to make a paper heart out of a gum wrapper? Or perhaps a paper chain? Either way, this origami heart is easy to make, and you can even decorate a cell phone or electronics case with it. Whether you want to create a gift for someone special or a souvenir for yourself, this simple craft is the perfect choice. You can even use this heart for decoration or as a bookmark.

How to make a paper heart out of a gum wrapper

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to make a paper heart, you can turn a gum wrapper into a lovely paper ornament. To do this, simply fold one end of the wrapper into a triangle, aligning the crease diagonally down the center of the heart, and then bring the folded edges together to form a perfect heart. Then, fold the top half of the heart in half so that its rounded edge faces outward.

You can also fold the wrapper into a heart shape by making four squares. The first fold, if made from a square, should be done on the front of the heart. Folding the sides in half is also an effective way to achieve the heart shape. After the heart is folded, you can also fold the back side of the triangle behind the crease and use this as a bow.

If you are looking for a great craft idea for kids, you can try origami. This paper craft is one of the easiest to master and requires few materials. Once you have the basic techniques down, you can give your origami heart as a gift to a loved one. It’s a perfect way to make a cute gift that is both useful and inexpensive!

The first step in creating a paper heart out of a gum-wrapper is folding the wrapper. This process can be tricky, but it’s simple if you follow the instructions exactly. If you are having trouble folding your gum wrapper, use water to remove stubborn pieces. If the gum wrapper is too thick, you can use water to loosen it. Besides, gum wrappers are food-safe and nontoxic.

Making a paper chain out of a gum wrapper

A classic craft for the kiddos, making a paper chain from a gum wrapper is easy to do. Simply fold one gum wrapper over another and link the ends, and the result will be a chain of any length. This paper chain is easy to make and is an excellent way to recycle discarded candy wrappers. These craft projects are also fun, and the kids will love to learn a new skill!

First, you will need some gum wrappers. These are typically two inches by five inches, and can be folded neatly to form a chain. Next, fold a second piece of gum wrapper lengthwise and then fit it inside the first piece. Repeat until you’ve made a chain of the same length. If you want a longer chain, add more pieces of gum wrapper to the chain.

To create a long paper chain, fold the wrapped gum wrapper in half and then hook on the ends. This will create a unique and attractive paper chain. Once the chain is long enough, you can fold it into quarters and hook it on the end of the previous piece. Make this process a habit for many years to come! Just remember that the gum wrappers are pretty and recyclable!

To make a colorful gum wrapper chain, tear the stick into four horizontal strips. Then, fold the pieces lengthwise again, and this time, the edges should be facing toward the center. Repeat the process until you have a long chain! After making a paper chain from gum wrappers, you can use the chain as a belt, decorative belt, or even a gift! After all, the paper chain is free of lint and can be used for many other creative crafts.

Making a coronary heart out of a gum wrapper

If you’re looking for a simple craft project, try making a heart from a gum wrapper. This project is similar to wrapping a greenback into a heart, and it’s easy to do. Gum chewers can use these little pieces as fidgets and gestures. This simple craft is also a perfect way to show your love for someone, even if you don’t know how to make a real one!

To begin, make a boxy heart shape from the gum wrapper. Fold the top corner to meet the middle crease, and the bottom corner to double fold. It should look like a suppressed hexagon. Next, fold up the right side of the gum wrapper on the joining diagonal until it is flush with the centerline. Repeat the process for the other side. Make sure the heart is held in shape without much assistance.

Once you have a square gum wrapper, fold it into a heart shape. You want to make the folds match up in the center diagonally. Then, fold the other end towards the center and bring the folds together. This shape should be similar to a heart, but with the lower part of the heart folded down and the top rounded. Once you’ve got a heart out of a square, it’s time to decorate!