Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses

Although word of mouth is a great way to advertise small businesses, it can be slow and difficult for new businesses. Advertising is a must if you want to increase your customer base faster. This collection of advertising ideas for small-business includes both tried-and-true and new ideas. These ideas will help you reach your target market effectively and attract new customers.

Small Business Print Advertising

Direct mail is a great way to advertise your business. It’s also much more popular than other marketing media like email or telemarketing. Even if you don’t have a mailing address, you can still target your mail geographically.

Besides box ads and advertising inserts, local newspapers also often offer special advertising features showcasing particular businesses–all-powerful business advertising opportunities. If you live in an area with special interest newspapers, don’t forget to use them as an advertising opportunity. You may find them in the exact area you are looking for.

It is important to note that advertising in a newspaper’s print edition and on its website are two different things. Online ads are less expensive than print ads, but you might get more bang per buck if you advertise at the local level with a smaller newspaper.

Print your business cards. You’re advertising your small business every time you give one to a potential client or customer.


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Small Businesses Have Professional and Community Opportunities

Each professional or business organization has exclusive advertising opportunities. These include free promotion on their website and special newspaper advertising. Being a member is a great way to advertise small businesses.

Trade shows are a great way to get the word out. Trade shows are a great way to get noticed and make connections.

Participating in large trade shows can be costly, but there are many smaller opportunities that could work for your business. These include trade shows organized by local associations and trade shows that focus on specific industries.

Combining with other businesses can increase your advertising power, and help you reach more people. Visible, tangible involvement in your community is not only good PR; it can also be very effective small-business advertising. Choose a charity event or association in your community to get involved and let your business be known as someone who cares.


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Advertising options for small businesses that are not printed

You can’t advertise your business during Super Bowl. You don’t have to lose out on TV’s reach. Small businesses can get advertising ideas from cable TV companies, including advertising on TV Guide Listings and Real Estate channels or running infomercials.

Radio advertising is another advertising option you might not have considered. Radio advertising can be very cost-effective and effective. An appealing radio jingle can stay with potential customers long past the time they turn off the radio. This is ideal for brand recognition.

You can cover all your advertising needs for small businesses by making sure your business is listed on local websites that provide information about your area. For example, many municipalities offer listings for businesses on their websites. Make sure that your business also has its own website.

Email advertising is a great option if you have an existing mailing list, or can create one. It has two great aspects: You can target specific customers and individuals with customized email.

Small Businesses Can Benefit from Specialized Online Advertising

eBay is a quick and affordable way to let potential customers know about your products. You’re advertising your business when you post an item for auction.

It can be hard to determine how effective an advertising campaign on Facebook is. Some of the targeting methods have been found to be problematic. However, Facebook still has the largest audience of online consumers. It is relatively affordable compared to other advertising options. You don’t need to sign a long-term contract and can post as many ads as you wish.

Find out What Works in Advertising Small Businesses

You can grow your customer base faster if you choose several of these advertising ideas, and focus on them. Your business advertising, like any marketing, will be more effective if it is planned and tracked.

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