Best Android Game Boosters To Optimize Your Smartphone For Gaming

Smartphones are gaining the performance of their hardware and are improving their specifications each year. Due to this increase, our smartphones can now handle a wide range of power-intensive tasks, including playing multiplayer online games and Augmented Reality games. To keep up with the high gaming output, we’ve compiled an extensive list of Best Android Game Boosters To Optimize Your Smartphone For Gaming.
Since the smartphone was made capable of supporting graphics-intensive tasks increasing numbers of gamers have begun using it as a main gaming gadget. Therefore, it’s not right to claim that we’re at the dawn of the mobile revolution in gaming.
While many phones nowadays come with an integrated game booster feature, these pre-installed features generally do not offer enough flexibility or customization options. Therefore, if your phone struggles to run the game you want to play, then giving the third party Android game boosters available through the Play Store a shot is an obvious choice.
The game booster application helps get the best gaming experience by using your phone’s hardware. This is a means of increasing the framerate for heavy and light games of all kinds. These booster applications enhance games by identifying unneeded background tasks running on your smartphone.

Best Android Game Boosters On The Play Store

1. Game Booster - Speed Up & Live Stream Games

The app comes with important optimization features like an instant performance boost and pre-defined profiles, customized profiles, and the ability to customize graphics. But, the one thing that makes it stand out over other games boosters is its stream-streaming support that is native to the app.
It allows you to stream online games on YouTube and Twitch effortlessly. Additionally, you will have the ability to capture gameplay footage. There are also other features like a crosshair, touch lock, and eye safety.


  • The majority of the optimization options are offered.
  • Inbuilt setup for Twitch streaming and game capture (along with a custom video quality setting).
  • Ability to modify graphics and performance settings between FPS limits rendering quality.

Price: Free

2. Gaming Mode - Game Booster PRO

To boost the performance of your game, this program gives the user both local and global optimization settings. This lets you define general optimal parameters for every game or specific boost settings.
The above parameters include Auto Reject Call, Notification Blocking and Block WhatsApp Calls, Limit Internet Access (either for all or a specific portion), and others. These features allow you to have more control over how your phone performs when you’re playing. The paid version provides the option to automatically apply your settings each time you play a certain game (it is available when you launch on the home screen and in the drawer of apps in addition).


  • Local and global increase the configuration of games.
  • Improved control options with options such as block notifications, call blocking, wi-fi toggle and many more.

Pricing: Free | Paid subscription starts at Rs.1,800/month

3. Game Booster | Lag Fix & GFX

The most notable feature in this gaming booster the possibility to customize it. Its crosshairs, FPS and ping monitors, can be altered to display in specific colours, styles or different sizes. It will detect your game with an automatic scan. It also assists you in changing advanced settings for performance. The options include changing resolution and unlocking FPS altering the effects of shadow and lighting, and other options.
In addition, there’s an exciting “Anti-ping mode” to optimize the gaming experience online. It can be activated by watching an advertisement or purchasing the Premium version.


  • A variety of high-performance settings is available
  • A variety of options for customization of crosshairs, FPS monitors and Ping monitors.
  • Unique anti-ping features

Pricing: Free | Premium subscription starts at 150 rupees per month.

4. Game Booster: Game Launcher

It gives you an easy one-tap optimization of your game, which you can manually trigger or turn on”Auto Boost” or the “Auto Boost” option. We also monitor temperatures and RAM usage to ensure your game stays under control.
One of the advantages of this app is that it instantly detects games installed on your device and then adds them to its library. However, crosshair, crosshair, and FPS monitors are only available through the Pro subscription, free of ads.


  • Simple one-tap booster function
  • FPS, RAM use and temperature monitoring
  • Auto-detection of games that are installed.

Pricing: Free | Paid subscription begins at Rs169.99/month

5. Game Booster -- One Tap Advanced Speed Booster

If you’re looking for a quick performance boost to your game, take a look at this application. One of the major benefits is its possibility to select between a variety of “play modes” or user profiles. This lets you customize your games to suit their specific characteristics. For example, if it’s an offline gaming experience, you could add the “Offline Mode” to it that will disable the network functions to enhance the gaming experience.
It also offers the possibility of altering the graphics features. You can play around with options like anti-aliasing quality, texture quality and many more to alter the gaming experience according to your requirements. Users can turn on HDR graphics for more visuals for budget-friendly phones without sacrificing frame rate.


  • Custom gaming profiles, also known as play modes, are associated with certain games.
  • The ability to customize various settings for graphics such as resolution, shaders, shadows, anti-aliasing, and more.
  • A variety of colour filters can personalize the colour scheme of a game.

Price: Free

6. Game Booster Power GFX Lag Fix

This app improves the performance of your game through its Boost as well as Ultra Boost features. Additionally, there are temperatures, RAM usage and ping monitoring for more understanding of the condition of your phone.
Users can tweak the resolution and FPS and render quality meters about the advanced setting. The app’s premium version comes with an auto boost feature, “network listener,” and customized boost settings.


  • You can choose from Boost or Ultra Boost optimization.
  • Resolution options to alter or FPS cap the quality of graphics.
  • RAM utilization, ping, as well as temperature monitoring.

Cost: Free | Premium version priced at Rs 35

7. Game Booster 4x Faster

It’s a simple Android game player that gives basic features with no gimmicks. The app helps games play more smoothly on your device. It also allows you to modify options like resolution and crosshair.
You can keep track of your storage capacity and ping through the app. However, monitoring ping isn’t one of its strengths. However, it includes an advanced optimization feature called “Ultra Boost,” which is a feature that you can switch on to assist in maximizing the performance of your gadget.


  • Two different optimization options: Boost as well as Ultra Boost.

Cost: Free

These are the top Android game boosters available for download through the Play Store. Are there any additional apps you would like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.


How can I play games easily on Android?

You can improve your gaming experience by removing additional background services and adjusting the game’s settings, or employing a game booster program to automatize the same.

Do games booster apps work?

Yes, they can. Game booster applications free your phone’s resources from unneeded background applications and utilize the same resources to run games more smoothly.

Game booster is a good option for gaming?

If you own a top-of-the-line phone, games booster applications can make a subtle impact on performance. However, these applications could be a game-changer for phones that aren’t as expensive and enhance your gaming experience.

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