13 Best Android Scanner Apps Of 2022 | Save Documents As PDF

You don’t require huge printers or scanners for scanning office papers. Because most smartphones come with an excellent camera and can scan documents with high quality by using one of the top document scanners listed below. In addition, scanning PDFs on your smartphone can be quicker than scanning documents using the desktop scanner. We’ve put together the best scanner applications for Android. Select one of the options below based on your preferences.

The benefits of using a well-known Android scanner app are that it permits access to documents via the cloud, comes with powerful editing capabilities and some come equipped with OCR ( Optical Character Recognition) support.


13 Best Android Scanner Apps (2022)

Be aware that Android scanner applications differ from barcode scanner applications. They are designed to scan text images and documents, while the latter is used for scanning QR barcodes. If you’re looking to scan a barcode the following list of scanners for barcodes may be of use.

  • Adobe Scan
  • Google Drive Scanner
  • Clear Scanner
  • Office Lens
  • vFlat Mobile Book Scanner
  • PhotoScan by Google
  • TinyScanner
  • TurboScan
  • Smart Doc Scanner
  • Fast Scanner
  • SwiftScan
  • Notebloc
  • Genius Scan

1. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is the best scanner application for Android. It lets you scan notes, forms documents, receipts, and images and convert them into PDF documents. It’s easy and efficient to utilize. When you point the camera of your phone at the document you wish to capture, it’ll recognize the document and scan it.

It allows you to change the order of pages as you need to as well as color-correct any page. There is also an inbuilt OCR that allows you to reuse content that you’ve scanned. It is also possible to scan multiple pages and then save them into one single PDF.

In addition, the document scanner application lets you send documents that you have scanned by email, or even upload the files to cloud storage. In the end, Adobe Scan covers almost all the necessary features. The greatest benefit of the application is the fact that Adobe Scan is entirely free with no advertisements.

Why should I download Adobe Scan?

  • Supports multiple pages scanning into a single file.
  • Color correction and cleanup for any creases, stains, or stains within the documents scanned
  • A good OCR scanner that works with Android

App Installs: Over 50 million

Google Play Store Rating: 4.7

Download Adobe Scan

2. Google Drive

It was at first that I was shocked to learn there was a possibility that the Google Drive app for Android comes with a feature to allow you to scan your documents. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and if you’ve got Google Drive installed on your smartphone, then you are able to make use of your smartphone to scan documents.

Although it’s not as robust as other Android scanner apps listed on the list above, it’s still worth considering giving it a shot since most of us use an app called the Google Drive app installed on our Android phones.

To find the scanner feature within the Drive application, look for the “+” button located in the lower right corner, then tap it. It will open new options which include the option to scan. It is necessary to grant the camera access to allow the Google scanner to function. The tool comes with simple cropping and adjustments options for your document, color alters options and a quality selection tool, and more.

Overall the application for document scanning is an excellent alternative for those who don’t often utilize Android scanner applications and don’t require a dedicated app to fill their phone storage.

What are the benefits of using Google Drive’s scanner?

  • It is not necessary to install any additional app if you already running the Drive app
  • Save documents directly to the Drive
  • The basics you require are right here

App Installs: Over 5 billion

Google Play Store Rating: 4.3

Download Google Drive

3. Clear Scan

Clear Scan on Android efficiently scans any document or images that you have taken from your smartphone. It can convert scans of documents and images into PDF and JPEG format. This fantastic scanner app for Android is light in weight and provides speedy processing.

Print images or documents that you have scanned through Cloud Print. The scanner app is free and provides different editing tools for professional use even when saving images in your gallery.

You can also save multiple pages inside one document, change the order of pages, set pages for PDF, and more. It also supports cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Clear Scanner is free to download. However it has unobtrusive advertisements.

What are the reasons I should Install Clear Scan?

  • It’s a light mobile scanner.
  • It is able to operate quickly.
  • Cloud support.

App Installs: Over 10 million

Google Play Store Rating: 4.7

Download Clean Scan

4. Office Lens

Office Lens is another best free Android scanner application created by Microsoft for scanning documents as well as whiteboard images. It is able to quickly capture any document and then convert them into PDF, Word, or PowerPoint documents.

It also lets you save your documents in OneNote, OneDrive, or to the local storage. This app is suitable for both school and business needs. In addition to English, it is also available also in German, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese.

Office Lens is ad-free and does not include in-app purchases.

What are the reasons to install Office Lens?

  • Easy to use and quick.
  • It can be useful for educational and business needs.
  • Ad-free app

App Installs: Over 10 million

Google Play Store Rating: 4.7

Download Ofice Lens

5. vFlat

The vFlat Android scanner application will be your all-in-one solution to scan your notes and books swiftly and efficiently. There’s a timer on the top of the screen that permits the application to take photos often, making the process easier.

My experience was that the 3-second timer was effective and allowed me to have enough time to turn pages using the other hand. In this way, you don’t have to press the shutter button repeatedly and once after turning pages.

The scanned pages may be stitched to create one PDF document, and then exported. There’s also an OCR option too however it has a limitation of one hundred recognitions per day which is plenty according to me.

What is the reason to use vFlat in order to digitize books?

  • Automatic shutter option to speed up scanning
  • Simple Stitching of PDFs and Export

App Installs: Over 1 million

Google Play Store Rating: 4.4

Download vFlat

6. PhotoScan by Google

If you’re looking for the best scanner applications for Android that will not scan documents, but rather scan old photos that were printed and photos, then PhotoScan from Google is the right choice for you.

The Android application scans images instantly and removes any glare instantly. Therefore the lighting conditions aren’t something to be concerned about. Instead, you should concentrate on finding your old picture album. The app can also crop images based on Edge detection technology.

After you have scanned the images after scanning, you can upload them into Google Photos online storage and send them to your loved ones and friends.

Why should I get PhotoScan? PhotoScan?

  • Automatic glare removal
  • Ideal for storing digital copies of photos from the past

App Installs: Over 10 million

Google Play Store Rating: 4.3

Download PhotoScan

7. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is a reliable scan-and-scan app for Android which provides most of the basic features. Tiny Scanner doesn’t require users to sign up before using which means you can begin from the beginning.

You can scan receipts, documents reports, documents, and other documents and save them to PDF format. The Android scanner app supports the most popular cloud storage solutions and allows users to print their required documents within just a few minutes.

Additionally, it features auto edge detection which helps to reduce distortion by straightening the images. The application comes with the five different levels of contrast available, an easy search by the title of document it also has passcode protection for files that are important, and more.

Tiny Scanner is ad-supported and includes in-app purchases.

Why should I get Tiny Scanner?

  • It’s optimized to run efficiently.
  • It is possible to scan your images in grayscale, color as well as black and white.
  • Support for cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc.

App Installs: Over 10 million

Google Play Store Rating: 4.7

Download Tiny Scanner

8. TurboScan

TurboScan is an extremely powerful and feature-rich Android scanner application that comes with a paid and free version. It lets you scan and share documents with multiple pages with high-quality PDFs and JPEGs. It has the “SureScan” mode for very sharp scans, and also includes multiple-page editing tools like pages adding, reordering, and even deleting.

You can also utilize this app for your phone to store multiple receipts and business cards in one PDF page. You can view PDFs and JPEGs within other apps such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc. Print the documents you need using Cloud Print.

Turbo Scan is ad-free and provides in-app purchases.

Why do I need to install TurboScan?

  • It’s lightweight and comes with nearly all the features you need.
  • It can provide sharp scans of documents.
  • Quick and simple to operate.

App Installs: Over 1 million

Google Play Store Rating: 4.6

Download Turbo Scan

9. Smart Doc Scanner

If we’re discussing the best scanner applications for Android The Smart Doc Scanner is a perfect fit in the category.

It includes a range of features essential to scan documents. It includes support for OCR to read texts from images in over 40 languages. It also comes with a spelling check. You can adjust the size of the page and enable batch scanning mode for multi-page documents, and a number of other features. Additionally, it comes with zoom and crop features that allow you to help you scan pages with greater efficiency.

The application for document scanning supports output in nearly all common image formats, such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIP, and WebP. It is also compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud storage options.

The app does not display advertisements or make in-app purchases.

Why should I use the Smart Doc Scanner?

  • It’s lightweight.
  • A simple interface that lets users quickly scan
  • Support for OCR as well as cloud-based storage

App Installs: Over 1 million

Google Play Store Rating: 4.6

Download Smart Doc Scanner

10. Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner is a second trustworthy document scanning program that includes all of the usual features. It lets you scan any type of document, export it in PDF as well as JPEG format, make multiple edits to the scanned document as well as others. You can also create new pages or remove pages in the document. Moreover, you can print your documents using Cloud Print.

The document scanner application for Android is available for download for free and includes advertisements.

Why should I get a Fast Scanner?

  • Multiple page editing support.
  • It has been designed to run quickly.

App Installs: Over 10 million

Google Play Store Rating: 4.6

Download Fast Scanner

11. SwiftScan

Another choice that is popular among those looking for top document scanners is SwiftScan which is often utilized in conjunction with Office Lens and Adobe Scan because it has more features.

SwiftScan is extremely fast to scan documents it also lets users save their scan in either pdf or JPG. Apart from document scans SwiftScan also has QR code scanning as well as barcode scanning.

The SwiftScan’s OCR recognizes text excellent. The scanner application for Android includes a variety of cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Evernote, Slack, Todoist, and a handful of others. It also has an auto-upload feature in addition.

Why do I need to install SwiftScan?

  • Excellent document recognition
  • Features auto-upload

App Installs: Over 1 million

Google Play Store Rating: 4.4

Download SwiftScan

12. Notebloc

Notebloc is among the top free scanner applications that are available for Android users. There are two great advantages of Notebloc: there are no watermarks, and no registration required.

In addition, The app also comes with OCR in more than languages. The Android scanner’s main feature is that it erases every evidence of shading in the images clicked.

In addition, users can scan several pages, and then combine them into one document. Through the settings, users can alter the dimensions of their documents. The only drawback in Notebloc is the full-screen ads that appear each when you scan a document.

Why do I need to install Notebloc?

  • Remove shadows, and create a natural look for the document.
  • OCR is available for over 18 languages

App Installs: Over 5 million

Google Play Store Rating: 4.6

Download Scanbot

13. Genius Scan

Genius Scan is a different free scanner app available for Android which you can use to scan and scan documents. The application is speedy in detecting documents and performs amazing work in achieving precise auto-cropping. You won’t be required to adjust the dimensions following the auto-crop.

In addition, it comes with the standard features for editing documents like the ability to erase shadows and apply filters, batch scanning, make multiple-page PDFs and much more. The application does an excellent job of cleaning up the document.

But, you’ll notice it is not an as good quality for PDF files. isn’t the same as what you find in other scanners for PDFs that are listed here.

Why should I get Genius Scan?

  • The auto-crop is pretty good.
  • Quick processing and detection of documents

App Installs: Over 5 million

Google Play Store Rating: 4.8

Download Genius Scan

Which Android scanner application is your favorite?

Our picks for the best scanner applications for Android for 2022. However, choosing the best one depends on the kind of use you’re seeking.

It is up to you whether you’d like easy-to-use and pre-loaded document scanners, such as Google Drive as well as Office Lens or, if you’re looking for more advanced scanners, you could opt with clear Scanner, Adobe Scanner, Fast Scanner, and more.


  1. Which is the most effective scanner for free for Android?

Adobe Scan along with Office Lens is liked by many users and, consequently is among the best scanner applications for Android that are free for Android. But, there are numerous options too.

  1. Can I scan documents using my Android phone?

Yes! It is possible to scan documents using the camera on an Android device. With the Android scanner application, you also be able to make a PDF of the document.

  1. What is the best app to scan documents?

My opinion is that for scannable documents that are precise, PhotoScan is the best scanner application for Android available. The quality of the Google app is apparent the moment you begin using this app.



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