10 Best Free Password Manager Software (2021) For Windows 10/11

Are you also looking for the Best Free Password Manager Software for 2021? Making sure you have a strong and difficult-to-hack password is essential to safeguard yourself online however, one must make the effort to remember secure passwords.

This is because there are a lot of essential apps and web services that require you to create passwords. Like your social media accounts, email, internet banking accounts, online shopping, etc.

You can get rid of having to remember passwords for all accounts since not all of the accounts are essential. This is where password managers enter the picture. We’ve put together an inventory of the top password managers for 2021 that doesn’t cost any money. Some of them offer paid versions with more useful features that users may require.

When you’re free do not forget to look up the most effective Android password management apps.

Please note that this list is not arranged in any order that you would prefer. It is recommended to select one that meets your requirements.

10 Best Free Password Manager Apps For Windows 10/11 (2021)

1. KeePass

Mostly, KeePass is a well-known open-source Windows desktop password manager, however, it’s also accessible for macOS as well as Linux. Additionally, there are non-official versions of KeePass available since it’s free and open-source software initially developed in 2004.

KeePass keeps passwords and usernames on the device used by the user as one encrypted data file. The password manager allows the export and import of passwords in the format in the form of XML, CSV, HTML, etc. files.

Its features are less extensive when compared to other choices for top free password management software on this list. It does, however, KeePass supports common password management features like autofill forms, two factor authentication, and more. KeePass also comes with an integrated password generator tool.

In addition to the benefits aside from the features, the fact that KeePass is a totally accessible password tool helped us choose it for our list of 2021’s top password management tools for Windows and previous versions.


  • Key file combination and master password
  • No installation required
  • Options to set up password groupings
  • Plugins that extend the functionality


  • There is no cross-platform support
  • Poor user-interface

2. Dashlane

Dashlane is a stunningly designed password manager which protects user passwords with AES-256 bit encryption and then stores the credentials locally. It comes with features that assist users in filling out forms and offers automatic logins with two-factor authentication, export and import of credentials, and more.

The Dashlane application also functions as a digital wallet that can keep track of debit cards, as well as other payment information. It comes with a separate interface for changing multiple passwords quickly and easily.

DashLane’s password vault for free can keep unlimited passwords however, it’s restricted only to one computer. You can choose the Premium version, which increases the limitation of the device to unlimited, and allows cross-device sync and cloud backup along with other additional options.

Dashlane can also be a well-known name, just like LastPass. It is ranked among the top password management apps and is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android operating systems.


  • Generator of strong passwords tool
  • Secure Notes are used to store notes, bank information, and credit card information
  • Passwords can be shared with your family and friends, without sharing the passwords
  • Option for emergency contact to avoid being unable to remember the master password


  • One device per user limit
  • The passwords cannot be stored indefinitely.

3. LastPass

LastPass is well-known in the field of top-rated password management applications for Windows available. It supports cross-platforms while keeping password information through its secure cloud server.

LastPass can import data from other internet browsers that are installed on your PC or another password manager in the event that you decide to switch. What is it that makes LastPass an obvious choice as the top password manager software available for free on Windows or other systems is that it has been in the digital realm for over 10 years.

LastPass extensions are available on several web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Opera, etc. Users can also install The LastPass Windows app from Microsoft Store to manage their accounts outside of the browsers.


  • Two-factor authentication
  • Automatic password capture
  • Automatic form-filling
  • Secure Notes to store numbers for bank accounts Social Security numbers, etc.


  • One device per user limit
  • Reputational stains have been evident over the past few  years
  • Poor customer service

4. Sticky Password

Another option in the top list of Best Free Password Manager Software can is Sticky Password. This password management tool is accessible to Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It is compatible with all of the most popular web browsers too.

The list of the features of Sticky Password includes autofill forms as well as security management for passwords, 2-factor authentication, and support for biometrics, such as fingerprints. Like many other password vaults that are free applications, Sticky Password also comes with a paid version that comes with an extra number of features, such as cloud backup and cross-device sync, priority support, and more.

The Sticky Password is also able to store users’ payment information along with credentials. One of the features that the developers of Sticky Password promote with enthusiasm is that the password manager application can transfer data over WiFi locally, just in the event users don’t want to transfer it over the cloud.


  • Great tool for creating passwords.
  • A vault that is encrypted to store credit card numbers for the one-click payment
  • Options to share passwords in a secure way
  • The support for sixteen browsers is available.


  • Confusion in the user interface
  • The storage limit for passwords

5. Roboform

The password manager for free Roboform is also coming with a sleek and easy-to-use interface, as well as great design. As part of Roboform’s multi-platform compatibility, Roboform is available for Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.

Its free password vault permits users to save unlimited passwords, fill automatically online forms, create single-click logins for apps and websites, and more. There is also a paid version, which is similar to others password manager apps, offers certain additional advantages, including cloud sync. Apart from being among the top password manager applications available for Windows 10/11, Roboform is one of the most popular. It first came out in 1999.

Roboform also allows users to share their login credentials in a secure manner. The password management software comes with an algorithm to determine the security of your passwords in a smart way. The user experience is like using the traditional Windows software and effortlessly blends into the overall style that the OS has.


  • Auto-capturing of password
  • Folders to manage passwords and user accounts easily
  • Access to passwords that are not online
  • Strong search capabilities to search passwords


  • No dark web monitor
  • It could be more user-friend

6. Keeper

To conclude this list of Best Free Password Manager Software, we’ve found Keeper. One thing I really like about this well-known password vault is its user interface which I think is among the best among the various options.

The options are organized neatly in a pane to the left. Clicking on any of them will reveal the options. One thing that requires improvement is that it identifies which features are paid for. It is only apparent when you are trying to use a feature and it demands your cash.

Both desktop and web versions of Keeper appear similar to each other. It is easy to add credentials for login to a file that can also contain photos. Similar to other password managers, Keeper apps are available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, and are also available with extensions for various web browsers.


  • Create unlimited numbers of payment passwords and payment information
  • Built-in password audit tool.
  • The clean and neat interface that appears premium
  • It’s simple to utilize password management software.


  • Perhaps more user-friendly
  • Free plans offer only a few options

7. TrueKey

TrueKey is a well-known password manager available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It works with web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

TrueKey is a fantastic password vault application due to its simplicity and the variety of ways to sign in, such as fingerprint recognition, facial identification, Windows Hello, two-step verification, etc.

The multi-factor authentication options offered are beneficial when it comes to security. The master password typically is employed by the password manager to safeguard the login credentials of users, but using TrueKey you are able to make use of the master password and utilize any of the devices to perform authentication.

There is a small downside to the fact that the free version of TrueKey only lets you keep up to fifteen passwords which could leave some users unsatisfied.

The password keeper free app also includes an online password generator as well as digital wallets to save your personal data. All data associated with the login credentials are secured and stored locally. It is then it is also synced across the devices where it is utilized.


  • Managed and owned by McAfee
  • Multiple authentication options for authentication
  • The feature allows you to import passwords from different password management software


  • You can only use one PC per user.
  • Safari support is not available. Safari support

8. LogMeOnce

Even in the Free version, LogMeOnce offers more advantages than other password management applications.

The feature list of LogMeOnce’s features includes a variety of two-factor authentication options. security report on password strength and cross-device sync. It also includes biometrics and secure sharing of passwords digital wallet, and more.

It also comes with one-click capabilities to change your weak passwords by analyzing the strong password reports. Users can choose to create a passwordless account or create an existing master password. In addition, using the version that is free of charge permits the addition of the beneficiary to receive access to the accounts in case there is a problem with the account.


  • Access without password using PhotoLogin and Fingerprint
  • Option to convert a USB into a 2FA token
  • Secure Wallet for storing credit card details
  • Access to emergency assistance with photos
  • Kill pill that instantly wipes off LogMeOnce data on stolen devices
  • Automatically changing passwords


  • Poor user-interface
  • Lacks proper browser integration

9. Symantec Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identify Safe has all the attributes of a basic password manager application. What is unique about Norton Identity Safe a good free password manager is the fact that there isn’t a cost-based version available of the password management tool. This means that there’s no reduction of advantages.

The password vault that is Symantec’s home company Symantec is able to save password credentials and provide single-click logins. It gives users a simple and fast method to fill in online forms.

Furthermore, this free password manager software provides users to create passwords using a tool, but it’s also available on its own. Certain users might not be using this because of an inability to provide frequent feature updates while other password management software takes the lead. Norton Identity Safe supports the import/export of login credentials, however, the import feature from other password management apps is restricted to the .csv format.

In short, Norton Identity Safe provides an easy-to-use password management application that can be synchronized between mobile, desktop as well as web-based browsers. You can simply identify it when you are looking for the most effective application to keep passwords.


  • Secure Web feature that alerts users about websites that are prone to attack
  • Complex password generator
  • Automatically changing passwords


  • A good reputation
  • It could be more user-friendly

10. Enpass Password Manager

The last name on our list of the Best Free Password Manager Software can be found in Enpass Password Manager. The software is also compatible with several platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, etc.

Enpass is available for free. Enpass provides its users with numerous options, such as cloud backup fingerprint support family support, and password generator. It also includes AES-256 bits encryption auto-filling web forms and data import.

If you’re thinking of using Enpass for your desktop system that runs Windows, macOS, or Linux it’s not necessary to shell out a dime. For Android devices, Enpass can only store 20 passwords.


  • Utilizes SQLCipher Uses 256 bit AES encryption engine
  • One-time passwords based on time
  • Passwords aren’t stored on Enpass servers.
  • Separation of vaults of passwords to store work, personal and family passwords


  • It doesn’t import passwords from the browser
  • Paid mobile version
  • No 2FA

This is the list that we created the Best Free Password Manager Software for Windows 10/11. You will come across in 2021.

If there’s something you’d like to add then post your comments below.

What’s the purpose of a password management system or password vault?

An online password management system (AKA password vault or password keeper) will remember your passwords by saving your credentials in a secure format and providing your credentials whenever needed. This is a lot superior to recording your credentials in a notebook or a text file that could be discovered by someone else or compromised by hackers.

Types of Password Managers

In general, there are three kinds of password manager applications: one that is installed on your computer and stores data locally. Then there are the password managers on the web which keep data on cloud servers and also specially-designed hardware to store the passwords (like TPM chips). TPM chip). The third is a software-based one that is used to store biometric data like retinas, fingerprints, and other types of data.

These days, many password managers provide cross-platform support. Therefore, we have access to the data locally and also via the internet.


However, you should utilize Password Managers with care

So, these are the Best Free Password Manager Software for 2021 that you can locate on the web. Every one of these software has advantages and disadvantages. One benefit of free password management software is that you are able to switch any time since there’s no fee required to buy an entirely new password.

However, there’s one thing you must be aware of when changing password manager. Be sure to erase all your personal information prior to leaving an app for managing passwords. It’s a good idea to do it regardless of whether you paid for it.

What About Chrome’s Built-in Password Manager?

Do not use it.

Google Chrome is among the top widely used internet browsers on the planet and its users are used to the pop-ups that constantly ask customers to keep their passwords in Google Smart Lock. With the knowledge that Google is the main source behind it the password vault appears promising. However, it comes with an uninformed feature that could reveal all your saved passwords, without much effort.

If you’re logged into Chrome and have access to the credentials of your user in the Settings menu > Manage Passwords. Although it appears odd, it requires you to enter your Windows username or password prior to showing the information.

The person who has access to the password for your PC is able to easily access your login information. If you truly desire it, make use of Chrome’s password manager only in the event that you do not share your computer with anyone else.

Do You Need a Password Manager?

The answer is yes. If you’re among those who frequently do not remember their passwords or then create several accounts with the same site the password vault is designed specifically for people like you. Actually, there’s no benefit to using an account manager for passwords even if you’re a master at memory recall. There are numerous password manager applications for free.

A free or paid password keeper could prove very useful in this day and age. Its importance won’t diminish any time soon, at the very least until we are in an unprotected future, aided by web Authentication which is a brand new standard that allows users to utilize their fingerprint, face eyes, or even their fingerprints. in order to verify the online service.

Our Recommendation on Best Free Password Managers 2021

Although there are many choices to pick from, it’s difficult to decide which one is best for storing your password amid the privacy issues that are a part of the contemporary world. We suggest making use of LastPass as well as DashLane. Because of their well-known name and the features they provide users of all ages can use these apps to save their passwords.

Everyone has their own preferences and preferences, so it is possible to explore all of the apps on the list before settling on your preferred. Storing private information on your computer is extremely risky, so take care of your passwords when you save them across multiple platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are password managers for free safe?

It’s impossible to be secure online, it’s just a matter of how secure these password managers are.

Does it make sense to pay for the password manager?

If you’re a user of a lot of accounts that require various passwords, paying plans from reputable password managers could end up being an investment worth it.

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