How To Find The Best Podcast App In The IOS Device

There are plenty of ways to listen to the most recent episodes of your Best podcasts on iOS. Every iOS device has Apple Podcasts. Although it’s an excellent application, it’s certainly not the most efficient. There are a variety of third-party apps available for iOS. Here are a few of the most well-known podcast applications to pick from.

We’ll be evaluating:

  • Additional features
  • Support for Playlist
  • Audio playback options
  • Overall app design

Apple Podcasts

This is the first one we’ll look at, even if it’s just a starting point to judge the others. When it comes to using, there’s no doubt that it’s the most downloaded podcast app for smartphones. It’s packed with great features as well. It’s included in every iOS device, has a native Apple TV app, and is compatible with macOS. It also does an excellent job of recommending new TV shows. The design is well-suited to iOS. It’s also beneficial for synching, as the latest episodes are available within seconds of opening the application. Audio playback is 1.5x or two times. Apple Podcasts is the best option to use if you are only listening to the occasional episode.

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One of the main features that are which Apple Podcasts do not have is the social component. This is where Breaker is superior as it allows you to follow friends of yours and discover the shows they’re listening to, which indicates which show is their favourite show, as well as any new ones they’ve subscribed to. You can also view your friends’ comments on the shows they’re watching. It has a stunning overall design, and, for playback, it gives 3x speed and the possibility of “skip silences,” which speed up the broadcast.


CastBox is a podcasting app that is accessible via the Content box. The app’s overall look and feel are stunning. Content Box is an infrastructure built on the blockchain and was explicitly designed specifically for the digital content industry. It seems like it’s changing from one sector to another; blockchain is gradually altering the landscape. There is still plenty to be accomplished before its widespread acceptance within the mainstream; real solutions are becoming available, including several enterprise services offered by tech giants such as IBM and Microsoft. Technology is now affecting the world of podcasting, also.


Overcast has been available since 2013 and is among the most well-known options within the tech-podcast world. The style offers a good equilibrium between modern and distinctive iOS design guidelines. The default colour theme is light and unobtrusive, and the main navigation features the list of your subscriptions, playlists and buttons that allow you to control your subscriptions and playlists. When you play at more incredible speeds, the issue when you play at 1.5x, as well as 2x speeds, is it could cause distortion. The Overcast’s Smart Speed provides a happy middle.

The verdict

In the case of apps, there are a lot of opinions. If you listen to a few shows, Apple Podcasts will do perfectly. If you are a fan of social features like comments, friend feeds, etc. Breaker is an ideal choice for you. If you’re an avid podcast listener, Overcast is a great option. It’s frequently updated and part of the open-source podcast ecosystem.

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