12 Best Wallpaper Apps For iPhone in 2022

The Wallpaper you place on your home screen is among the most prominent items on your phone. Quality Wallpaper can completely change the appearance of your phone. If you have an iPhone, I am certain that the few wallpaper selections might be unsatisfying.
There are only just a few good wallpapers. You can look them up on Google with terms such as “cool background HD” or “top Wallpaper 4K’. But, changing their resolution to be compatible with the iPhone size of the Wallpaper is not an easy task.
With the abundance of wallpapers that are free in the App Store, you’ll be able to pick your favorite iPhone backgrounds from a wide range of options. App Store is filled with choices; however, not all are worth downloading.
We’ve put together an assortment of Best Wallpaper Apps For iPhone, which can help those struggling to choose the right app. Each of these iPhone wallpaper apps has been tested and tested. We’ve released a similar wallpaper app list for Android in the past few years.

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12 Best Wallpaper Apps For iPhone 2022 Edition

1. Vellum Wallpapers: Neatly Organized And Themed Wallpapers

Vellum Wallpaper can be described as an iPhone exclusive and available on Android shortly. It does not just provide you with a variety of choices for picking the best background for you; however, how wallpapers are displayed within the app is an absolute treat on the senses.
There are hundreds of breathtaking landscapes, images, and other images within this wallpaper app. Daily Wallpaper is a special and highly-recommended feature in the app, as every day, a new image is displayed every day and is sure to please you.

Features of Vellum Wallpaper App for iPhone

  • Wallpapers can be viewed on the Homescreen or Lock Screen without exiting the application.
  • Wallpapers can be blurred in the event you’d like
  • Wallpapers are neatly organized into various themes that are easy to find.

Pricing: Free with ads; $4.70 one-time fee to eliminate ads and download past 4 weeks daily wallpapers.


2. Everpix: Best App for HD Wallpapers

If you’re looking for amazing iPhone backgrounds that are 4K, install the Everpix application. The app currently has over 4000 wallpapers, and the collection is constantly up-to-date.
You can browse through categories and pick the Wallpaper you like. The wallpapers in the app are of high-definition quality. You will find the top wallpapers to use on your iPhone X, 11, or the newer 12 and 13 series.
The app is free and offers occasionally-displayed advertisements that are not noticed, given the quality and variety of wallpapers to choose from. The only issue with the free version is that you’ll need to scroll through one Wallpaper at each time. This is because Grid view will only be available in an upgrade to the premium version.

Features of Everpix App

  • Well-categorized wallpapers. It is possible to find out which wallpapers are the most popular in which areas.
  • If you select ‘Favorite,’ you can save your most-loved wallpapers so that you can access them later.
  • You can look at the Wallpaper to see how your iPhone’s background and the lock screen appear after applying Wallpaper.

Pricing: Free with ads Premium plans eliminate ads and allow grid view to be unlocked. Begin at $2.29.

3. Icon & Skins Themes: Best for Unique Wallpapers

Icon Skins & Themes is an application that you must download for Wallpaper for those who find wallpaper too easy for you. The app has several unique options that are well-categorized. The user interface is appealing and easy to navigate, and all images available in the app are of high resolution.
The free version grants you access to only a few wallpapers, and you’ll be required to spin a wheel to earn points. The app requires you to view an unwatchable 30-second commercial to allow you to play the wheel. This could be a deterrent for some. However, you can upgrade to the paid version.
Icon Skins & Themes app is specifically designed for those awed by wrapping their phones in a colorful and unique style. You will find the finest options to customize your iPhone within this application.

Features of Icon Skins & Themes Wallpaper App

  • The developers update the collection regularly.
  • It contains a wide range of hand-made wallpaper designs.
  • The blurring of wallpapers is possible using the built-in tool.

Cost:Free with ads and only a few wallpapers; Premium begins from $5.64 to be used for 3 months

4. Kappboom: Overall Best Wallpaper App

Kappboom goes beyond an app that is a wallpaper for iOS. It has cool information, famous quotes, and drinks recipes. It is possible to create collages and edit images using the editor included within the application.
The app has more than 250,000 wallpapers, and all iPhone wallpapers are high-definition. Here, you will get the Best Wallpaper Apps For iPhone 11.12 or older models.

Features of Kappboom Wallpaper App

  • The slideshow feature lets you relax, view wallpapers, and select those you like.
  • By using the hold and drag option, you can include backgrounds in your favorite images, search for images with similar tags, and then share them with your contacts.
  • Kappboom’s Image Search feature can be used to search images online.
  • Make a collage by using different wallpapers that are available in the application.

Pricing:Free with ads; Get rid of advertisements cost $2.41 Premium features are unlocked starting at $9/month.

5. Live Wallpapers for Me: Best Live Wallpaper app for iPhone

Are you looking for live wallpapers that are free for iPhone? Live Wallpapers for Me presents to you a selection of motion-based wallpapers. You can pick your preferred HD wallpaper from various categories, including Fire, Water, Sci-fi, Sports, Animals, and more. Your iPhone should have support for the live images feature to play animated wallpapers.
Live Wallpaper for Me is one of the iPhone’s top live wallpaper applications due to its huge collection of dynamic wallpapers. If you don’t wish to be bombarded with ads, you can get an upgrade version, and it’s worth every penny.

Features of Live Wallpaper for Me

  • The app’s interface can be used in various languages, including English, French, Japanese, German, and Thai.
  • It is a neatly categorized assortment of Wallpaper.
  • Wallpapers are updated every week.
  • A wide selection of wallpapers in 4K.

Cost: Free basic features; Get rid of ads and unlock all wallpapers for $5.64

6. Magic Screen: Best App to Create Your Wallpaper

Magic Screen works just like the name suggests. With an abundance of stunningly animated wallpapers, it is essential if you are looking to embellish your screen with personalized backgrounds.
You can not only pick from the existing wallpapers available within the application. However, you can also make your custom wallpaper. It’s an additional option not found in other commonly offered live wallpaper applications.
You can make your wallpaper collage to use as your lock screen. The ability to customize Wallpaper is a kid’s fun with this app. The app can’t operate without access to a camera, which some people might not wish to give.

Features of Magic Screen

  • You can also add text or calendars to wallpapers by selecting over 150 fonts and 20 gorgeous calendar templates.
  • Make your image the form of a GIF and Live Wallpaper and apply it to the screen.
  • You can make and share wallpapers on WiFi.

Pricing: Free; Remove ads for $1.20 and unlock features like calendars and fonts from $1.20.

7. Wallpaper App With Variety was a must in this list of the top wallpaper applications for iPhone due to its huge collection. Amazingly designed photos are divided into different categories like art, Apple people, texture, Sunset and Night Space, Spring, etc.
You can see images on the lock screen or your home screen by simply pressing the Wallpaper you want to view. Wallpapers can be found here of your favorite football team or comic book character. You can browse through antique art, too. is the app to download if searching for wallpapers suitable for iPhone 11 or later generations. Dark-themed wallpapers available on the app are great on these phones. The app can be downloaded for free, but it comes with ads. You can upgrade to the premium version to enjoy free ads.

Features of Papers.Co

  • More than 5,00,000 wallpapers are available for free
  • The collection is constantly updated.
  • Simple to use interface.

Cost: Free with ads; Get rid of advertisements for $4.70

8. Walli: Wallpapers For iPhone Designed By Artists

Walli is a unique wallpaper application designed for iPhone and Android in which you can find wallpapers created by artists. The iPhone backgrounds here aren’t the same as the wallpapers you normally encounter in other apps, which are included here.
It’s a group of artists. The contributors are compensated in addition to their work. This is evident in the content in this app. You will see some stunning iPhone wallpapers.
Walli is among my top wallpaper apps due to the imaginative and unique wallpapers I have found here. Wallpapers have an attractive, interactive, and snappy interface that you will love.

Features Of Walli Wallpaper App

  • The most talented graphic artists design wallpapers from around the world.
  • Wallpapers are divided into distinct sections, such as retro cute, cute hipster, funny, and cute.
  • You can connect with your favorite artists by visiting the designer’s social media profile and site.
  • There are a variety of sizes available depending on the device you are using.

Cost: Free with ads; Wallpapers in 4K for $2.99/week

9. Pixs: iOS Wallpaper App With Neat Interface

Pixs is another upcoming wallpaper application for iPhone that was included in this list due to its sleek and clear interface. While many apps offer many options, making it difficult to pick the most suitable from them all, Pixs has a handful of wallpapers. The focus on quality is an attractive feature.
The Pixs app offers wallpapers compatible with iPhone X, 11, and over. A feature I found the most appealing in the app was the color filter which can be used to see the wallpapers that belong to a specific area of color. This is a great option for wallpapers with black backgrounds for their iPhones.

Features of Pixs Wallpaper App

  • An attractive interface with wallpapers separated into categories like Winter, Art, Colorful, Into The Night, and City Vibes.
  • There are no annoying ads
  • The wallpapers are updated each day.
  • Simple preview with many filters to pick from.

Pricing: Free; Unlimited access for $5.38/year.

10. Unsplash: More Than Just An iPhone Wallpaper App

Unsplash isn’t an iPhone wallpaper application per se but rather an online community that lets artists and photographers submit their creative images. It is the place to showcase some of the most stunning images you can find on the web.
The application is free and allows you to select the Wallpaper you want for your iPhone using the search field in the application. As with other apps, there aren’t any categories to choose from as you must scroll down to select Wallpaper or use the search feature to do the similar.
On the Unsplash application, you can effortlessly find the most innovative and attractive wallpapers suitable for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 12, and more. The wallpapers hosted by the app are HD quality, and you can view the details about the cameras used by artists to click the image.
Unsplash is one of the most popular applications for the top iPhone wallpapers because of its extensive collection and sleek interface.

Features of Unsplash iPhone Wallpaper App

  • A huge collection of free wallpapers
  • Search box to find specific images
  • No ads

Price: Free

11. Art Wallpapers By Artpaper: Vast Collection Of Artwork

If you’re a collector and are a lover of exquisite art, then you’ll enjoy this application. This is a paid app, and there’s not a free version. The best part is that it has 1,300 art pieces hand-picked by artists from all over the globe.
These wallpapers are artworks in public display all over the world. You can filter and view artwork at The Uffizi Gallery, Alte Nationalgalerie, Amazon Carter, Art Institute Chicago, and more.

Features of Art Wallpapers By Artpaper

  • Great collection of art from all over the globe
  • High-quality, premium wallpapers
  • Clean interface

Price: $6.05

12. Dark Mode Wallpapers & Themes: Daily Dose Of Dark Mode

This is a niche but well-constructed iPhone wallpaper application. Dark Mode Wallpapers & Themes has a great selection of wallpapers with dark colors. While the majority of it is available for free, you can upgrade and unlock categories such as Cyberpunk and monochrome wallpapers.
You’ll also see many dark wallpapers within the “Featured” section in the application. It’s a simple and easy interface with well-placed applications. Even if you’re working for it for free, it is simple to use.

Features of Dark Mode Wallpapers & Themes

  • A nice interface that has plenty of wallpapers available to pick from.
  • There aren’t any pop-ups or ads that can’t be skipped in the free version.
  • Collections that are regularly updated

Which iPhone Wallpaper App Made You, Love?

We hope this list of top wallpaper applications for iPhone will allow you to stand out from the rest of the pack. The apps listed here do not appear in any particular order; You can choose to download anyone according to your preference. We’ve highlighted the features of each wallpaper app in the list below.
Be aware that live wallpapers can be used on the iPhone 6s, 7, 7 Plus 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, Xs, the Xs Max, Xr, 11,11 Pro, and higher. If you’re putting live wallpapers to your device, then you should expect the battery to run out of juice a bit faster, and animations won’t be able to function if you’re iPhone is in low-power mode.

We’ve also put together an array of the most effective keyboard applications on iPhones, best note-taking applications, password managers, as well as an overview of the most effective photo editing applications available for iPhone.

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