Can Solar Panels Be Installed In Commercial Buildings,
And Why Should It Be Done?

Solar panels have been a considerable part of the common household& energy requirements, especially for household purposes like heating water, operating essential electronic appliances, etc.
Though solar panels and solar power systems have become household names by now, little does anyone know; solar panels are equally beneficial to commercial buildings?
In this article, we will look at how commercial buildings can make use of solar panels as an effective source of energy.

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are an array of multiple photovoltaics (PV) that convert sunlight into electricity.
Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels comprise solar cells made from silicon constructed with a positive and a negative space, which creates an electric field around it.
A number of cells make up a solar panel, and multiple panels or modules can be wired together to form a solar array. Solar panels generate more electricity, as a large number of solar arrays
need to be installed on the building’s rooftop. Solar panels are clean and renewable energy sources that require very little maintenance and have zero carbon emissions, which is a burning
issue among environmentalists.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels capture clean, renewable energy in the form of sunlight and can effectively convert it into power which is used to provide power for electrical loads. 
Solar panels comprise several individual solar cells made up of different layers, arranged in a grid-like pattern including elements like silicon, phosphorous, and boron.
The power or energy generated by these solar cells is first sent to an inverter, which helps with converting the DC power from the solar panels into AC power, which can finally be used to operate several appliances.

Why is it recommended to install solar panels in commercial buildings?
When we say commercial buildings, we mean the huge offices you, me, we all work in. Offices are usually constructed in a broader space, accumulating all their employees and office staff.
Therefore they have enough space to assemble a large number of solar panels. These solar panels are installed on the building rooftop or any nearby open space.
Solar energy is used effectively in operating a company's daily use appliances that can help businesses. You can reduce your current operating expenses and support environmental activists focus on and work for sustainable energy strategies. It should be looked at as an
investment in solar power that can generate quick payback and long-term savings.

A solar power system uses solar energy, which ensures a reduction in utility bills.

You get protection against changing utility rates as installing your solar power can reduce or eliminate your dependence on other forms of power.
Become an environmentally friendly business and set an example
Generating electricity from solar energy is an effective means to your company, as it uses less amount of fossil fuels, reduction in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. 
By switching to solar power, your company does its part to fight climate change.

Businesses add a solar option to their buildings, and businesses of all sizes can capitalize on the several proven benefits of adding solar power. Solar energy has become a strategic decision maker that has proven to have numerous benefits for your business.

Solar Panels

Advantages of solar panels on commercial buildings

Solar power helps your business improve return on investment (ROI). 
The return on investment you get from solar power often exceeds that of most other
investments in terms of the money your business saves over the years.
Once the solar panels are installed, they will reduce the operating expenses of your business. 
Businesses find that their cost to install their solar project will be lowered more than pay for itself over the solar system lifespan.
As a solar panel system, controlling future energy bills dramatically reduces your energy costs. 

Increase your property value, as homes and commercial buildings with solar panels can have higher property values and sell faster than those that done. 
Solar panels are more affordable than ever, as the installation costs have fallen more than 70 percent over the last decade. This means the price of adding solar panels also has fallen. 
When less money goes to the power company, you  have more cash on hand once your panels
are paid off.
Improves your brand with a greener image
One of the great things about commercial solar panels is how you can market your commitment to clean energy to your customers. Every time your employees, customers,
shareholders, neighbors, and others know that you’re going green or see the panels for themselves, you  be making a great impression. You can expect high reliability and low maintenance when it comes to solar energy.

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