Canna Bumps Review

Canna Bumps is a snorting powder containing THC. It comes in a glass bottle and is easily consumed in one dose. Unlike other cannabis products, it has no bitter taste or odor. This product is also gluten-free and vegan. It is also available online at leading e-commerce websites. Canna bumps can be taken straight from the bottle or mixed with food.

Manufacturer of Canna Bumps product

The Canna Bumps product is made from marijuana oil and has 600 milligrams of THC per package. It comes in a glass bottle with a spout, which can be inserted into the nasal cavity. It is safe to take a small amount of Canna Bumps and is considered legal under California state law.

The manufacturer, THC Living, is based in California, but this product is only available through e-commerce portals.

This product is marketed as edible. Each package contains 600 milligrams of THC and is meant to be snorted through the nose. The manufacturer claims that the product will help people stop smoking. The company behind the product, THC Living, says it is a “legal” way to consume cannabis. It is made by a cannabis company, which is registered in California. The THC content is standardized to 100 milligrams per package.

Canna Bumps are a new way to get high. They are easy to mix with food, so they’re a safe alternative to smoking. It’s not a bad alternative for medical marijuana patients and it is available on many e-commerce sites.

Purchased from leading e-commerce sites

The powder is taken in the nasal cavity and does not cause any adverse effects. Canna Bumps are safe for use, and they can be purchased from leading e-commerce sites. The manufacturer claims that canna bumps are legal in California and all states in the US. If you are concerned about Canna Bumps’ safety, read this review.

It contains three grams of THC per container and 600 milligrams per serving. This product is edible and is packaged in a manner that resembles cocaine.

This product has been widely criticized by medical marijuana users and has received negative reviews from industry leaders. The company that makes canna bumps has had to recall them because of their high levels of THC. It is not dangerous when snorting canna bumps in the nasal cavity.


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