Top Reasons Why iOS is All Set to Be the Future of Mobile App Development

Technology never fails to surprise anyone with its innovative modifications. Its advancement has raised the growth of mobile app development, and the evolution of iOS technologies has played a significant role here. 

Do you know why iOS is a new hue in mobile app development? It delivers an excellent user experience with a pleasant user interface (UI), generates a high return on investment (ROI), attracts a tech-savvy audience, and has top-notch security. 

According to a report shared by Statista, Apple held a 15% share of the global smartphone sales market in 2021. Moreover, the market share of iOS is 27.57% in the global mobile OS market.  Check tech write for us for more technology niche articles.

Every business owner must stay updated with the latest trends in iOS to stay competitive. 

Let us look at the top iOS app development trends to look out for in 2022 and beyond.

Top 6 Trends of iOS App Development in 2022 and Beyond

  • Based on the Swift Programming Language

One of the top trends in iOS app development is the Swift programming language. 

Swift programming can be a good investment as it has constant language and compiler updates, module stability, SwiftSyntax updates, and much more. 

SwiftUI integrates with Xcode design tools for synchronizing all the designs and codes seamlessly. It also has excellent compatibility, Application Programming Interface (API), clear syntax, and another plethora of features, which results in high-end iOS app development. 

Lastly, it can work across various Apple ecosystems like iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS. 

  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Every industry is leveraging the features of AI and ML as it gives better insights and analysis. Features like Siri, search recommendations, text & image classification, and other aspects enhance the iOS app quality and deliver a flawless user experience. 

iOS apps developed with machine learning are feature-packed, user-friendly, secure, and robust. With the integration of Artificial Intelligence into iOS apps, businesses can understand behavioral patterns, user input data, search recommendations, etc. 

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

Another crucial iOS app development trend is the adoption of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technologies. These features are mainly used in gaming & news apps combining the physical and digital worlds of digital marketing

Apple has an ARKit for iOS mobile devices adding 3D objects & characters, giving a flawless user experience. ARKit consists of many features, like scene processing, motion tracking, camera scene capture, and more. 

Users can access the front and back cameras of their iOS devices and experience green-screen effects in a real-time environment.

  • Internet of Things 

The Internet of Things is one of the prominent trends in iOS app development, making every user’s life easy and productive. With the advent of wearable technology, IoT is gaining more importance as it lets users connect their iOS devices with wearables like Apple Watch. 

Apple has launched its own home automation tool, HomeKit, allowing users to connect internet devices with Apple devices. Healthcare, fitness and the electronic industry are already leveraging the features of IoT. 

iOS apps powered by the internet of things have revolutionized how people track their health and daily routine activities in the coming future. 

  • Cloud Integration

Cloud-integrated iOS apps are booming, allowing businesses to store more data than expected. The cloud-based features create automatic backups of important files from the user’s phone. 

In other words, cloud-based iOS apps can store, manage, and organize a massive amount of data without hampering the user experience. CloudKit is a useful tool used for saving and transferring data. 

You can consider using a CloudKit tool for creating cloud-based iOS apps because of the following reasons:

  1. CloudKit is easy to set up as it has no additional libraries, redundant configuration, or registrations. 
  2. CloudKit is a reliable tool because Apple maintains the user’s overall privacy and security issues. 
  • App Clips

Do you think it is possible to use an app without actually downloading it? App Clips has made it possible and is considered one of the pivotal iOS app trends. With this technology development, users can access a certain part of the app for evaluation purposes before getting the full version. 

App Clips are simple & effective that can serve a single task, for instance, paying a bill, booking a hotel, renting a bike, and more. Another name for App Clips is mini versions of applications that are light in weight. 

This technology comes as a trial period and automatically gets uninstalled if not in use. App Clips is popular because it is safe to use without any privacy issues. 

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Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, these trends brought a meaningful innovation for building iOS apps and enhancing the user experience. 

If you want a high-end app for better business growth, you can consider hiring a reputable iOS app development company. iOS app developers remain aware of the latest technology trends and help in delivering a seamless user experience. 

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