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How Do I Reset My Electric Scooter? : A Reliable Suggestion

Electric scooters are well-known for their ease of use, easy-riding capabilities, durable performance, and dependability. It is the reason why people are enthralled by electric scooters. But, there are times when even an efficient commuting vehicle could stop functioning or perform in a way that isn’t optimal.
Shortly you’ll need to repair the electric motor. Most people, unfortunately, are unaware of the resetting procedure. So, many people inquire, “How do I reset my electric scooter?”
While resetting your scooter is not difficult to do, particularly when it fails to switch on, you should be aware of other issues like dead batteries, brakes that aren’t working correctly, or if you have switched the location on the kill switch. These issues could affect the performance of your electric scooter, which is why we’ll discuss the options to address these issues briefly in this article.

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Why Doesn't My Electric Scooter Don't Run?

You’ve switched the electric motor, or you have started it, but it isn’t running. This is a typical issue for e-scooter users. If it occurs, you must examine the motor on the electric scooter. In some instances, the motor might not function and cause the electric scooter to stop.
In addition, frequent use and maintenance routines or even stunts could affect the motor’s capacity. Therefore, it could not generate enough torque to drive the motorized scooter. Additionally, the battery could not produce enough energy to power the motor. In general, an electric scooter’s battery will need replacement every 3 to 5 years since its performance will decrease.
In addition, on top of that, the charger could cease to function correctly. If the charger is damaged or disconnects from the battery or charge port, it will be unable to draw electricity through the port for electrical power. Therefore, the motor of your electric scooter isn’t able to draw energy through the charging port. Therefore your electric scooter won’t start and stop suddenly.
But the electric scooter may cease to operate or stop working for any reason. If this happens, you’ll need to restart your electric scooter. This will be discussed in the next section.

How Do I Rest My Electric Scooter?

If your electric scooter stops operating, you must restart it and repair it immediately. If it fails, it could cause damage to the motor and battery of the electric scooter. You can solve the issue with the quick and easy reset of the electric scooter.

  • To reset the electric scooter, it needs to be switched off properly. To do this, hold and press until the display on your scooter completely blacks out. If the display of your electric scooter is blacked out, the display will show that the scooter is turned off correctly.
  • Then, you must sit for a few minutes. This allows the battery of your electric scooter and the motor to cool before you can begin to reset the electric scooter.
  • In most e-scooters, you will find a reset button on the motor. It is possible to press the reset button to fix the issue. If the reset function fails to function, it is a sign that the motor is experiencing problems or isn’t working properly with the scooter.
  • If your scooter does not come with a reset button, you may still reset your scooter. To do this, you’ll be required to push the power lever and brake lever, and throttle simultaneously. You’ll need both hands to accomplish this.
  • You must press the three buttons at the same time for 3 minutes. Then you should hear a sound coming from your electronic scooter. This indicates that you’ve successfully reset your e-scooter.

In this way, you can reset and repair your electric scooter whenever it’s not running. But, other issues could cause the electric scooter to stop. Check them out in the following sections so you can use your electric scooter comfortably.

Tips for troubleshooting e-scooters:

We have listed the most common issues that arise with an electric motorbike. This will let you learn what to expect from electric scooter issues and the solution to ensure it is maintained properly.

  • Most of the time, the issue is in the circuit breaker or fuse due to charging or overheating. So, you must look at the electric fuse or circuit breaker on your scooter and repair them if necessary.
  • The scooter will not run if the battery is depleted. So, it is important to be aware of the battery’s percentage whenever your scooter starts but does not run. A dead battery can stop the electric scooter from running. It is essential to replace the dead battery with a fresh one whenever it occurs.
  • Sometimes the kill switch on your electric scooter may be turned on, which can prevent an electric motor from working when you hit the button to power it up. Therefore, it is important to verify the kill switch and turn off the power before turning on your electric scooter. This is a straightforward way to solve the issue. However, many riders do not think that the stop switch is there and are afflicted by an e-scooter.


The process of resetting the electric scooter shouldn’t be a difficult task at all. It doesn’t require tech-savvy to accomplish this also. Follow our steps for resetting your electronic scooter fast. Also, you can follow the instructions in the user manual to reset your electric scooter when it stops if you turn it off. The key to avoiding this is to maintain your electric scooter correctly and on time.

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