How Many Raccoons Can You Fit Up Your Bum?

If you have a four inch hole in your rectum, how many racoons can you squeeze in there? That’s about the size of an adult human anus. But let’s face it, we’ve all stretched our arse so far that we can fit two or three raccoons in there without damaging our anatomy.

In fact, if you have a rectum the size of a four inch hole can hold up to seven racoons! That means that you can fit two racoons into a human anus. But there are a few things to remember.

One of the most important facts about raccoons is that they can fit through very small holes. Adult raccoons can squeeze through spaces that are three to four inches wide, which makes them very good navigators. The raccoon’s body is essentially hollow, so its shape is ideal for getting through narrow spaces.

The raccoon’s sense of touch means that it is adept at opening doors and trash cans. They are also extremely good at hearing and have very good visual acuity. They’re also strong swimmers and climbers. In fact, they’re one of the few mammals that can descend vertical tree trunks.