How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App On Flutter?

Everyone willing to invest in developers has found Flutter app development costs interesting. Although each company may have different policies, it is possible to make rough estimates of the cost of developing an app using Flutter.

How much does it cost for a flutter application to be created? What factors are essential for estimating an hourly rate for a flutter developer? We will explore Flutter, its price structure, and the cost of making an app.

What is Flutter?

Before you ask, “How much does it cost to develop an app for Flutter?” you should first understand what Flutter is.

It is an open-source SDK that Google provides. It can be used to develop cross-platform mobile apps and desktop apps. It can be used for Android, iOS, Fuchsia and Windows, as well as Linux. Although it is often compared with Angular, React Native, and Xamarin apps, some key differences make it stand out from these frameworks.

What are the major price-forming factors for your product?

Developers often wonder, “how much should I charge for a flutter application?” It’s fascinating to see what businesses will pay.


Qualifications have always been critical when deciding how much to charge for an app. No matter where or how you hire them to develop your app, developers with extensive knowledge will always be more expensive than those with less. Sometimes the difference can be staggering.


Many people mistakenly confuse expertise with experience. Although some people may be highly qualified, it is impossible to become an expert developer within 12 months. An experienced developer is a combination of education and experience. But, most importantly, they have learned from mistakes and understand how things work.


Not only is your location necessary, but it is also essential. Depending on whether your company builds a website in the United States or creates an app in Eastern Europe, there will be different rates. The costs will vary depending on where you are located and your experience. They will pay more for products built in the United States than those made in Eastern Europe. Sometimes the difference can be astonishing!

  • The USA and North America – $75-200
  • Western Europe – $65-170
  • Eastern Europe – 40-60
  • South America – $45-70

What is the cost of developing an app on Flutter?

Flutter app development costs vary depending on what functionality you need. The time it takes to create your app will determine how long it takes. Add the hourly rate for each developer to this.

Platforms for freelance

Freelancers typically cost around 80% less than agencies. You can find a high-quality professional through Upwork or Toptal. However, the platform only allows the top 3% to apply, so don’t expect to get a lower salary.

You are also sacrificing time. Many projects take too much time to complete, and some are further delayed. This can lead to another problem: missed opportunities.


Although outsourcing to freelancers can be cheaper, it can also be risky. Working with established agencies to deliver projects on time and within budget is better. These companies have more resources and expertise and are more efficient in marketing activities.

Flutter App prices

Basic Flutter apps don’t cost much. A primary chat platform starts at $8,000 and has very few functions. If you pay $50/hour, a payment integration will cost you around 70 hours and $3500.

However, a fitness app will cost more. Prices from $25,000 to more than $35,000. Apps with moderate complexity range from $25,000 to over $35,000. Complex apps start at $45,000, while apps with higher levels of complexity can go up to $50,000.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3[3[[3[,


Flutter is the best option. A flutter is an excellent option because it allows you to reduce costs and create stunning apps that your customers will love. Flutter is not expensive to create an app, but you can make a great one for just $10,000. You can also build one that has multiple functions within $50,000.

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