How Tall Is a 16 Oz Can?

If you’re wondering how tall a 16 oz can is, you’re not alone. There are several factors that can influence the height of the container, including the number of ounces and label size. For example, a 16-ounce can used to be 8.125 inches tall and five inches wide. However, today’s 16-ounce beverage cans are much larger.

Fortunately, you can choose a can size that fits your needs. Craft beer often comes in 12-oz cans, but craft brewers are increasingly making use of the 16-ounce pint can, also known as a “tallboy.” These containers are also about four inches tall, which is more than enough for two standard drinks.

In the U.S., the standard aluminum can measures 12 fl. oz, or three hundred and fifty milliliters. It’s also two inches in diameter, and four inches tall. A 12-oz can is equivalent to about 5 percent alcohol.

A 16-oz can is normally 6.190 inches tall, though it varies slightly depending on the manufacturer. The can’s diameter is 211 mm at the body and 202 mm at the end. The height can vary as much as 0.012 inches, depending on manufacturing methods. You can find a 32-oz beer, known as a crowler, which is about twice as tall as the 16-oz can. A 32-oz can holds about 120 fluid ounces, which is the equivalent of 10 beers.

While the 16-ounce can may seem small, it has some major benefits. The smaller size means less breakage, while its larger surface area means that it can be decorated in more artistic ways. For instance, you can create labels that are more artistic than those on a 12-oz can. Even better, cans protect the beverage from light and oxidation.

The 16-oz can is a popular container for drinking beer, and is sold in packs of four. It’s the most common size for pints, but it’s important to note that larger sizes are increasingly popular. In fact, the stovepipe beer can, which is 19.2 oz, enjoyed the largest growth in packaged sales during the period between 2015 and 2017.

Tall slim cans are 6.125 inches tall, while standard cans measure 4.83 inches tall and two inches across. For convenience and safety, tall slim cans are made of premium polyurethane foam, which keeps the beverage cold and prevents condensation. These tall insulators are a distinctive feature that sets them apart from the typical Koozies.