How to Get a Stone Can in Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion is a puzzle game. It is available for iOS and Android devices. It combines items and materials as you see fit. However, you should take note that you should avoid combining items and materials without thinking first. The result could be that you end up with high-level materials instead of raw materials. For this reason, it is best to hold onto all items on your board and merge only what you need.

Merge Mansion also offers many in-game events. One of these events is the Ignatius Boulton event, which can help you earn Stone Cans. In addition to earning XP, this event also reveals Ignatius Boulton’s story. As a young boy, Ignatius moved to New York City. He later founded a tin can factory and built a mansion. During this event, you’ll be able to see his statue in front of the mansion.

There are also other items in Merge Mansion that you can obtain, including Soap. You can also get Toothpaste from the Cabinet. It looks like a Closet, but you’ll need to merge a Bolt, Screw, Handle, and Cabinet to create it. Once you’ve crafted this object, you can get Toothpaste and Soap.

Selling items is another way to earn more gold coins in Merge Mansion. You can enter the details of the item and its price. You’ll notice that the description of the item and the gold coins are at the top of the field. Once you confirm the trade, you’ll receive gold coins. Keep in mind that high-level items are much harder to get than lower-level ones, so you’ll need to carefully analyze the feasibility of any transaction.

Another method to earn more XP is by merging objects. If you can combine three or more blue stars, you’ll earn an additional energy point. If you’ve combined two or more five-tier elements, you’ll also get an extra energy point. When you combine five or more stars, you’ll earn more XP, which will unlock new features and boosts.

One of the most important items in the Ignatius Boulton Event is the Stone Can. This small tin can is necessary to complete the quest “The Beginning”. In order to obtain the Stone Can, you’ll need to merge it thirteen times. In addition, you’ll need to complete the “Add Decoration” quest in order to unlock the Stone Can event.

There are also various events in Merge Mansion that require you to use items in your garage. These can be either permanent or temporary, and the ones that are permanent will drop other items. In addition, you can use the Postal Lanterns to collect coins and experience. Having a cleaner will help you in the late game because broom lockers have a long cooldown. Crafting higher levels of cleaners will require more time than you might think. Eventually, you’ll need a high-level cleaner for the flower garden, the fortress, the square, and the garage.

Getting the Stone Can is one of the most difficult tasks in Merge Mansion, but it’s worth it if you’re good at puzzle games. The game’s puzzles make you think of the things you want to do and the items you need to collect to progress in the game. It also makes you rethink your approach to puzzle solving. You’ll be much more satisfied when you complete tasks and reach higher levels.