How to use a VPN?

Before you know how to use a VPN, it is necessary to know what it is. VPN or Virtual Private Network is a basically a secure tunnel or channel between two or multiple devices. In a nutshell, VPN enables you to access sites online without compromising your privacy and to bypass geographical restrictions. There are a lot of vicious hackers that wait for that opportune moment to get through your system, access your data and mess up with your identity. A VPN ensures that this does not happen. Additionally, some sites put restrictions preventing you from accessing their content. You can again use this software to bypass those barriers and read or watch anything you want securely irrespective of your real time location. The big question is; how do you use VPN?

Using VPN is a very simple process. Keep in mind though that there are free and paid software. The app you choose depends on the functionalities you wish to enjoy. Avira Phantom VPN is among the top apps you can use for this purpose. Here is how to download and install the app.

Select the VPN of Your Choice

Go online and browse through the list of VPNs available, then select one that meets your standards. You can check reviews of previous users to determine the most popular one. Choose a subscription period to determine your monthly charges. Download the app and install the same into your personal computer (PC). You can download it directly from the provider’s website or the play store.

Select a Server

Once you have installed the VPN app, log in to connect to the server. The app will prompt you to connect and then link you up automatically. You will see a list of countries that you can access the web from. Select on the country or location you wish to access content from sites available only in those locations. Websites and video streaming in the countries you select will automatically become available to you. Please note that some sites will still have restrictions preventing you from accessing them even with VPN. However, this keeps changing as the VPN servers unblock and get blocked from time to time. It is critical, therefore, to have a server that has a 24/7 chat option to inform them when you get blocked.

Test Your VPN

As mentioned earlier, you can find VPNs for free or pay for the service. Free VPNs are sometimes problematic and might fail to work. If you pay for a subscription, you must check whether it is working. There are sites online that you can use to confirm your location, then use the same to check your location once you connect to a VPN server. If you see the same details as those without the VPN, then your VPN has an issue. Most providers issue a money back guarantee to enable you do this test for up to a month. If it works to your satisfaction, you can continue using it. If not, you get a full refund.

Enable Kill Switch

Top-grade VPNs have the ‘Kill Switch’ functionality. This feature ensures that your data does not spill over in case your VPN server drops unexpectedly. It ensures your always have your privacy and that your real location remains anonymous. Check through your settings on your server and enable this switch. Some providers have it switched on permanently, while others do not have it. Ask your provider about it before engaging your app. Keep in mind though that if the feature is always on, then you cannot access the internet unless you are connected to the VPN.


This feature helps solve the problem above. It allows you to choose the apps that will only work with VPN connection and those that will work with your normal connection. The feature, thus, allows you to use your internet normally when you have no need of hiding your location, but selects the apps that need to use VPN connection automatically you engage them.

In Which Devises Can You Use A VPN?

The best VPN to go for is one that you can use in multiple devices. You can use Avira Phantom VPN in Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. You can access restricted music, streaming sites, social networks and torrents from any device using this VPN. It also provides you with data security and anonymity. You can choose the free version to save yourself some bucks or go with the Pro version for a few bucks per month to get added on features.

Advantages of Using this VPN

  • Encrypt your data. The server enables your data to pass through an encrypted tunnel that masks your physical location and your identity.
  • It helps keep your activities private. Your internet service provider (ISP) cannot view your web activity. If in case you are using public Wi-Fi, you can do so with the knowledge that hackers cannot access your system and steal your information and identity. It is especially important if you are a travelling business person and have to use internet at the airport from time to time.
  • Your data cannot be sold to third parties that target you with annoying adverts. Your browse safely and comfortably without the consistent adverts that normally interfere with your activities.
  • Bypass firewall and other restrictions

How to set up a VPN?

As mentioned earlier, setting up a VPN is a simple process. You simply download from the provider’s website or play store, install, create an account, then click connect.

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