ken doherty net worth 2022

If you’re wondering how much money Ken Doherty will have in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. The stuntman is currently worth $20 million. His net worth is likely to increase as his career progresses, as he has starred in several films and has also won the hearts of many. Read on to discover his full net worth. You can also learn about his love life, as his relationship with social media star Samantha Frank ended in a divorce in 2020.

Doherty is married to Saray Doherty, an Indian nationality. Before marrying Saray Doherty, he had never married anyone. The couple’s first child, Christian, was born in 2007, and he was 14 years old when the couple divorced on May 8, 2022. Ken Doherty’s net worth in 2022 will likely grow as he continues his career.

Ken Doherty’s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be anywhere from $1 to $8 million. His prize money in snooker alone is worth over $8 million. As an active snooker player, Doherty is often spotted at big snooker shows and in the dark-tie crowd. However, this amount may be too low. The snooker player also has a wife who works as a specialist therapist.

In addition to being an amateur snooker player, Doherty also works as a commentator and radio presenter. His achievements include the Irish Amateur Championship two times, the World Under-21 Championship twice, and the World Snooker Championship three times. He was also a world under-21 champion in 1989 and won the Professional World Snooker Championship in 1997. His last match against John Higgins was a comeback win, and his career is only going to continue.

Despite being retired from the snooker game, the retired Scottish snooker player is already a millionaire. In addition to winning the British Open and World Championship, McManus also has an estimated net worth of $33.7 million USD. His net worth is also growing. He is also a broadcaster for the BBC. If you’re curious about the future of snooker, make sure you stay tuned for the latest updates.

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