Mia Ledbury net worth

If you’re wondering how much Mia Ledbury has made over the years, you’ve come to the right place. She is a model and reality TV star who will be appearing on a new edition of “The Real Housewives of Jersey” on ITV. Despite her success, Ledbury has never revealed the financial details of her family life. Nevertheless, she has an impressive net worth that reaches millions of dollars.

Mia Ledbury has a net worth of over $7 million, which is a great deal for a young model who is just starting out in the modeling business. She’ll be appearing alongside six other contestants on a new edition of ‘The Real Housewives of Jersey, which will premiere in December 2020. Her appearance on this reality show will likely be the highlight of her career, but her net worth will also grow as she continues to be cast as the main character.

The actress is still working on her net worth, but she’s making an impression on fans via social media. Her Facebook account is home to thousands of fans, and she has been spotted filming new episodes of “Real Housewives of Jersey” for season two. While she’s not in a relationship, she’s enjoying life on the show. Mia Ledbury net worth is an interesting subject. The actress and reality TV star hope to get back into the modeling world. She grew up in Sydney, Australia, but moved to London 19 years ago to pursue a modeling career. She met her husband Dan while she was living in London.

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