Mike soutar net worth

The net worth of Mike Soutar is quite impressive, considering his career. He started as an editor of magazines for the younger generation, including FHM and Maxim. Then, he co-founded Crash Test Media, a development company in London. Shortlist was a weekly magazine that targeted the multi-tasking man. The magazine gained many accolades and doubled its revenue over a few years. Soutar has also made appearances on TV shows like The Apprentice.

His career began when he was just seventeen years old. His first job was at DC Thompson in Dundee, Scotland. Later, he was hired as an editor of Smash Hits magazine, a position he held for three years before leaving. He then worked as an editor at Maxim and FHM UK. After a long career in the music industry, Soutar launched Shortlist Media Ltd. in 2007.

In 2011, Soutar began appearing on BBC shows. He became a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation, which sets rules for British newspapers. He was appointed as the Executive Officer of the Evening Standard, a free daily newspaper in London. He is a regular reader of the Evening Standard and feels that the newspaper is the city’s heartbeat. This position has helped him build his net worth to a considerable degree.
In addition to his media career, Mike Soutar is married to Bev Soutar. The two met during school and celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this year. They currently reside in London, England. If you’re wondering about his net worth, don’t hesitate to check out the website below. If you’re a fan of Soutar, you’ll be pleased to learn that he is worth millions of pounds.

Mike Soutar is a media mogul who has generated a fortune over the years through his business and investments. He served as the editor of both FHM and Maxim in the UK. In 2007, he co-founded Shortlist Media Ltd. The BBC’s “The Apprentice” has also allowed him to build his net worth.Mike soutar net worth is estimated at PS6 million.
Soutar has a thriving media business that focuses on documentary programs. His wife Bev has married Mike for 25 years, and they have a son, Alfie. In addition to his media business, Mike Soutar is also the founder and CEO of Shortlist Media. The company owns a variety of publications, including Stylist. Previously, he worked as the CEO of the Evening Standard.

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