Top Mobile Gaming Trends For 2022

The number of gamers playing mobile games has grown exponentially over the past few years. According to the latest data, mobile games make up 66 percent of revenues from the App store and there are 2.69 billion players playing games on mobile around the world. In celebration of this incredible achievement and the anticipation of greater growth, let’s look at the most popular mobile gaming trends of 2022.

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1). Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquisitions and mergers are now regular mergers and acquisitions that have become the norm in the mobile gaming industry in the past few years. Between 2021 and 2020, some notable acquisitions made by Zynga and the Embracer group made the news. Zynga bought two major developers from Turkey the majority of Rollic Games for $180 million and Peak Games for $1.8 billion. There is a trend emerging of giants of mobile gaming acquiring smaller and mid-sized developers and experts predict that this trend will continue throughout the year.

What is the reason gaming companies forming partnerships? IDFA regulations. When IDFA devaluation meant it was harder for gaming companies to gain users through ad networks, they began seeking other ways to gain users. Acquisitions and mergers enable publishers to expand their user bases, and also to gain more customers through cross-promotion.

2). IDFA Regulations

Concerning IDFA regulations and privacy, the changes which were brought about by this regulation were a huge and lasting impact on the gaming market. The changes were implemented over one year ago, however, the majority of gaming companies are trying to locate users despite the new issues. In the past, publishers outsourced user acquisition and management to Facebook Ad and Data factory.

In the wake of the changes, the publishers are now required to ask consent from the user through the prompts that ask them to keep track of their information. A decline means that the company is unable to keep track of the user’s personal information. This makes the process of targeting marketing extremely difficult.

Because the regulations are likely to be changed A new trend has emerged in which publishers come up with new and innovative marketing ideas. This trend will likely last for some time.

3). Subscription Mobile Gaming

A lot of non-gaming apps utilize subscriptions to make money. Experts in gaming and publishing believed that gaming companies would be the first to adopt the system, and have done so since. At the present, Microsoft and Apple Arcade are the two biggest players in the gaming subscription industry. Users pay per month to gain access to Microsoft-owned games as well as games developed by other third-party developers. This has proved to be a hit for many gamers due to its value and the ease of use it provides compared to a single purchase of games. Recent research shows that 3 out of 4 millennial gamers, and roughly half of gamers are that they use subscription gaming services.

4). Mobile Esports Viewing

Mobile esports is among the biggest market trends within the gaming industry this year. In 2020, nearly half a billion players were watching esports, mostly because of the COVID-19-related lockdowns. Experts believe that the increase will continue to grow by 2022, as esports seems to be growing in popularity every day. Nielsen states the fact that 71% of millennial gamers are avid gamers who watch online games or gaming-related content on platforms such as Twitch as well as YouTube. Aged between 18 and 25 say that playing with other players is more entertaining than watching traditional sports. As a result of these user habits, more game designers are adopting Twitch integration.

5). Changing Gaming Demographics

Gaming on the internet is now an everyday part of life. Therefore, games are no longer targeted at teenagers or kids, or promoted as a pastime and the demographic of gamers is rapidly changing. Due to the increasing accessibility of games as well as the rise of mobile gaming and the advancement of gaming content over the last decade has been able to attract older gamers. In addition, increasing numbers of women are playing video games today and will account for 45 percent of total players in the US in 2021. The figure was 40 percent as of 2020, and 38 percent in 2007. If the trend continues the split will likely be 50-50.

6). Hyper-Casual Games

A report on the state of the industry from SensorTower indicates that games with a high degree of casualty were at the top of the charts for gaming in 2020. In 2019 games that were casual Among Us was one of the most popular gaming games in the world. In 2020, hyper-casual games were played more than 10 billion times. Experts suggest that many players turned to play casual games during the COVID-10 epidemic and perhaps for relaxation. The games that cause COVID-10 are fun and easy to play and relaxing. In 2022, their popularity continues to grow, and the ultra-casual games market is expected to grow in the coming years.


Newzoo predicts that at the end of 2023 there will be an estimated 3.07 billion players on smartphones worldwide. Based on these figures alone it is safe to affirm that the rapid growth within the world of gaming isn’t slowing any time very soon. Each year is likely to be different, however, 2022 is likely to be influenced by trends such as hyper-casual gaming, mergers, and acquisitions among other things.

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