The 10 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps To Enhance Your Photos In 2022

iPhones have the best camera in their class, making them one of the most popular smartphones. The dual-lens trend has made the camera more efficient. It can add bokeh effects and blur the lines between images taken with a smartphone and a DSLR. Photo editing apps also saw a paradigm shift with the introduction of dual-lens cameras.
There are no photo editor apps anymore. Also, most apps that edit photos on iPhone are very expensive. Apple App Store has so many photo editor apps that it is difficult to choose the right app to edit iPhone photos.
You don’t have to worry if you tried to download a photo editor app via the App Store and it didn’t work out. We have put together a list of the best iPhone photo editing apps and their features.
You can also take a look at some other iOS app lists before you go to the list.

10 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps


Google Snapseed is a great editing app for photos. The app is a favorite because of its many features and easy-to-use interface. There are many pre-made filters that you can use and you can adjust the exposure, color, and contrast. You can also make selective adjustments to photos to remove undesirable objects.

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Snapseed Features

  • Many ion-tap filters can instantly edit your photos.
  • RAW editing is supported by the photo editor app.
  • You can save presets to create your effects and apply them to future photo.

Snapseed is an iPhone photo editor that offers many functions not found in other apps. Snapseed is free to download and requires no in-app purchases.


VSCO is a photo editor app for iPhone that allows you to edit photos quickly and easily. The app has many filters that will help you if you don’t know what exposure, saturation or vignette means.

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

VSCO Editing App Features

  • There are many presets that can be unlocked by in-app purchases.
  • The app allows you to edit RAW photos.
  • Instagram is a platform that allows you to share your photos with the VSCO community.
  • You can share edited images right from the app.

You can adjust the intensity of each preset, as well as basic editings such as color balance, brightness, and contrast. VSCO’s interface may seem confusing at first but once you become familiar with the basics, VSCO can beautify photos like no other app.

3. Adobe LightroomCC

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful editing tool that comes with Adobe Suite. It also has a full-featured photo editing app that can be used on iPhones and other iOS devices. It has both basic presets as well as some of the best photo editing tools, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced photographers.

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Adobe Lightroom CC Features

  •  For more creative control, you can use the DNG RAW format.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to sync your editing photos across devices.
  • Five presets can be used to capture photos in real-time.
  • The app includes Chromatic Aberration, a well-known tool from Adobe that automatically detects and repairs chromatic aberrations.
  • Lightroom’s editing tools are not destructive.

Adobe Lightroom CC is a great photo editor app to use if you’re familiar with Adobe Suite of photo editors apps. In-app purchases can unlock premium features like selective adjustments, an artificial intelligence-based auto-tag feature, and synchronization.

4. Lens Distortion

Lens Distortion is designed for those who want to add light effects and fancy weather to their photos. The app allows you to create multiple lens distortions, such as rain, snow, and shimmer. Layering multiple filters on your photos allows you to add them all. You can also adjust the blur, transparency, and blur intensity of each distortion effect.

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Lens Distortion App Features

  • This app is one of the most powerful photo editing apps. It allows you to combine and overlay multiple effects.
  • It is very easy to use the interface.

Lens Distortion is an image editing app for iPhone that offers many tools, such as cropping, contrast, and so on. There are several presets that can be used to add blurry or shimmering effects to photos. You can adjust the intensity of each effect by using slider buttons. You can download the app for free, but you will need to pay to access more effects and packs.

5. Photo Editor By Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary was designed for users who need the app to perform most of its functions. You can instantly edit your photos with the app’s many effects and one-touch enhancement options. To access more filters and enhancements, you can sign in with your Adobe ID.

Aviary's Photo Editor Features

  •  There are over 1500 effects, frames, and overlays available.
  •  Photo editing is quick and easy with single-tap enhancements
  • To make images into memes, text can be added to the top and bottom.

Aviary, a photo editing app for iPhone that is fun and easy to use, can beautify photos in minutes. It has basic editing options such as cropping, contrast, brightness and warmth adjustment, highlight, saturation, and highlights. This app is one of the most popular free photo editors.

6. Darkroom

Darkroom is an iOS-specific photo editing app. The app’s unique selling point is its simplicity. The app’s interface was designed by the developers. The app has all the necessary tools, including cropping and tilting, brightness, contrast, and brightness. The darkroom pic editor app has all the basic functions you’d expect from a good editing app. A host of filters are an added benefit.

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Features of the Darkroom

  • Simple interface with well-organized tools and filters.
  • This filter set is extremely advanced.
  • The photo editing app allows you to create your filters.
  • The app also allows you to edit live photos.

Darkroom is the app to download if you are tired of using iPhone photo editors that only offer advanced tools or those who know the basics of photography. This app makes editing photos simple for the average user.

7. Tadaa HD Pro Camera

Professional photographers and editors use Tadaa HD Pro Camera App a lot because most of the features are suitable for them. The app’s integrated camera can take photos that look professional. Masking has been added to the app, in addition to basic editing.

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Tadaa HD Pro Camera Features

  • There are more than 100 filters available and 14 tools for professionals.
  • The Mask option allows you to apply effects to a small area of the image, which is useful for professionals.
  • App has integrated camera

Tadaa HD Pro Camera is a free iPhone photo editor with in-app purchases for premium features.

8. Prisma Photo Edit

Prisma is a great picture editing app for artists who want to not only edit photos but also transform them into masterpieces. The app allows you to send the image to a server to have the artistic effects applied. The app offers a preset that allows images to be transformed into unique and unusual art.

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Prisma Photo Editor Features

  • To gain followers, you can share edited photos with your friends and the Prisma community.
  • The app is unique because of its comic and artistic style.
  • Simply tap on the screen to compare the edited photo with the original.
  • You can adjust the strength of each preset.

This photo editing app for iPhone offers many free filters. If you need more filters or features, the premium version can be purchased.

9. Canva

Canva, the popular online tool for image editing, is now available as an iOS app. Canva is more than just a photo editor app for iPhone. This app can be used to create invitations as well as a logo maker.

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Features Of Canva

  • There are more than 60,000 templates available for creating posters, logos, and Facebook posts.
  • Available filters and options to adjust brightness or contrast in ready-to-go templates
  • You can share edited images directly to Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook.

Canva is a great photo editing app for iPhone if you are a visual thinker. Either you can use the templates that are already there or create your designs. The iPad’s large screen makes this photo editing app even more enjoyable.

10. Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox is a combination of artistic tools and all the professional image-editing tools. This app allows you to combine images with layering and blending, but also provides an on-the-go option for quick editing. Pro users can use Enlight Photofox iOS to add special effects to images.

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Enlight Photofox Features

  • You can superimpose photos and combine photos to make your images into art.
  • You can combine multiple images using the layer option. Each layer can be re-edited individually.
  • The masking feature is integrated into every tool in the app. It also comes with quick select brushes that save you time.
  • High-quality tonal adjustments can be made using RAW image editing and 16-bit depth support.

The Enlight Photofox iPhone editing app has a free version with certain unlocked features. You can unlock these features by purchasing the Pro version.

How to Choose the Best iPhone Photo Editing App

It is not easy to choose the best iPhone photo editor app. There are many options available to you, such as whether you wish to create a collage or adjust the brightness and contrast of the image to make it more shareable on social media. These photo editor apps can also be used to resize images.

Last Thoughts

This list will help you choose the best iPhone editor app according to your needs. You won’t need to deal with the limitations of iPhone filters. Many other apps can transform your photos into magic, so this list isn’t exhaustive. Each app in the list of top iPhone editor apps has been tested and approved by us.

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