The Best Skins For Recon Phantom in World of Warcraft

In addition to the default Recon Phantom, you can also purchase the Recon Phantom skin. These are available for sale in-game for 1775 valorant points. You can also buy the skin as part of a Recon bundle for 7100 valorant points. As with other cosmetic items in the game, the Recon Phantom skin can be upgraded with different levels and variations. Each group requires 15 radiant points to unlock.

Prime 2.0 Phantom

The Valorant Prime 2.0 Phantom is the second set of skins from the game’s Prime collection and comes with a regal look reminiscent of the Prime 1.0 location. This skin is also upgradable and costs 1775 VP or about 18,815$ in dollar terms. It is available for purchase in the game’s in-game store. While this set is relatively expensive, it is definitely worth the price.

The first Phantom skin is a futuristic take on the classic design. This skin features a plastic body and bullets that look like nerf darts. This skin looks fun, mainly when used in combination with the Finisher. The base model also looks sleek and exciting. The base model includes unique sound effects by Zedd, whose collaboration with VALORANT allowed him to incorporate these sounds into the skin. It also offers a pay-to-win skin.

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Celestial Phantom

One of the most anticipated new features in Celestial Phantom Recon is the ability to equip unique weapon skins. This includes the Gun Buddy and spray. The skins feature 3D animated graphics and images of the sun, moon, and ox. The game has a total of five different weapon skins available. The skins can be purchased separately, adding a unique appearance to the weapon. The Celestial skins will be available for purchase on the 18th of February, and the GO! Vol.1 collection will follow shortly.

Valorant Phantoms are the unique skins in the game. This skin features beautiful gradient colors and a glistening sunset. The game was released in February 2021. It is the first Valorant skin to use Randomizers, which randomly add one of three attachments to the weapon. These additions do not affect gameplay but are worth buying. The game offers three skins: olive drab, black, and red.

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Rush Phantom

Compared to other Phantom skins, the Rush Phantom’s stats are not upgradable. You can purchase this nonupgradable skin in the game’s store for 875 VP. This is roughly the equivalent of 9275$. This is a great skin for testing the performance of implantable neural devices. You can read more about the Rush Phantom’s features below. Here are some important tips for using this skin:

You can also customize your Phantom’s bullet spread to improve precision and accuracy. The Phantom’s skins are available in the store, and each has its own special visual effects. You can customize the skin of your Phantom using these options, although it has no effect on gameplay. If you want a more aggressive look, you can use the Rush Phantom’s Select Edition skin. This skin features a cartoony graphic and a recolor of the default Phantom.

Singularity Phantom

Singularity Phantom is a modern weapon infused with Radianite power. You can only use it during a match. The coolest feature of Singularity Phantom is that it reforms around your character. The game also has a cool finisher that comes with the weapon. Unfortunately, some players find the spraying animation distracting. In the long run, though, it is well worth the money.

The Singularity Phantom is a futuristic-themed skin with a fusion core at its center. The weapon sounds great and pulses geometric shapes as you use it. The game also includes a basic skin for each weapon, but this is not a necessity. While the Ion isn’t particularly exciting, it still gives you the feeling of playing a futuristic game. The sound animation also makes it a bit tense, especially when you’re using it as a weapon.

Spectrum Phantom

Among the newest additions to the acclaimed shooter series, Spectrum Phantom Recon is a high-end bundle of skins, which you can purchase directly in-game. The newest bundle is called Protocol 781-A Phantom and features a futuristic military theme, satisfying sound effects, and an insane finisher. Players who love the eerie tone of the game will be thrilled by this skin. However, it’s not the only one worth purchasing. There are dozens of other Phantom skins for sale in the game, including the popular Recon Phantom, the new Prime Phantom, and many more.

Among the skins, you can choose from the Recon Phantom, the Glitchpop variant, and the BlastX Phantom. Each of them is customizable and can be upgraded for an additional VP. The Recon Phantom’s barrel has an impressive feature: it can attach to another weapon. Players can also purchase the Singularity Phantom, which has the power of Radianite and constantly reforms around the weapon. The Singularity Phantom’s cool Finisher and animation are also notable features, but some players find them distracting.


The skins in Recon Phantom aren’t exactly what you’d expect. The base Bucky skin is boring, and a Galleria Bucky skin with little bird silhouettes flying around looks much better. But the front end is just as dull as the base one, and the only difference is the lack of details. But it’s worth it for the 875 Valorant Points it offers. The Galleria Bucky skin isn’t the only one that looks drab.

The Spike Phantom is an awesome-looking weapon with a dark theme, but it’s not mind-bending. It’s the perfect choice for players who aren’t looking to spend a lot of money. Its skin costs 1,775 VP and comes in gradient colors. The first Valorant skin to add Randomizers, the Recon Phantom, has a chance to randomly add one of three attachments to your weapon. Though Randomizers don’t change gameplay, they’re still fun to use. There are three different types of Phantom skins available: olive drab, black, and white.

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