The nuts poker league net worth

The Nuts Poker League, founded by Steve Bellis, has earned a whopping PS65,000 net worth. The business was one of the most successful in the UK, bringing players together in pubs for weekly poker games that progress to national finals. Players participate weekly in a league game where the results are entered onto the company’s website and into a league table. Eventually, the top players advance to the finals, where they compete for the title ‘The Nuts’.
Dafydd Jacob, 44, from Coventry, won the Nuts Poker League title in Coventry, beating out players from all over the country to take home the PS5,000 prize money. He split the money with Jamie Ellison of Cumbria. The winnings were enough to send him on a dream trip to Vegas. The money, however, will not be enough to buy a new car.
As one of the first pub poker leagues, The Nuts Poker League has a significant net worth. The league has more than 250 LIVE venues and a yearly prize fund of PS70,000. Each season, five players from the league will qualify for the World League Poker Championships in Las Vegas. Eventually, the net worth of The Nuts Poker League will be PS85,000, and the business is expected to grow significantly.

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