Things to Look for When Hiring Professional Photographers in Seattle

When looking for professional photographers to shoot an event, narrowing down choices can be daunting. With many options, there is always risk of some promising a lot, but delivering very little as far as quality or product go. Look for a photographer who can capture moments perfectly, to create unforgettable memories. Here are things to look for when hiring professional photographers in Seattle.


First, decide on the type of photography that matches the event. Knowing this in advance will help to narrow options accordingly. Photographers have different styles of shooting and editing photos. Some specialize in shooting graduation parties, while others are great at shooting weddings. 

Take time to look at their portfolio to know their preferred style. Search for photographers in Seattle using keywords that match the style of photography for the event. For example, you might be wanting a moodier or dramatic look to your photos, with posing and colors reflecting such, or traditional, clear-cut photography to capture your events simply. 

Pay attention to their location preferences; if they are more comfortable or popular for shooting photos in an indoor location, don’t hire them for an event that will be outdoors. Check the photographer’s social media pages and references. These aspects will offer insight into their professional approach when shooting and editing various footage.

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The photographer’s brand reputation and industry experience tell a lot about their delivery standard and quality of service. A certified photographer will have deep concern about their reputation and strive to offer the best customer service. 

Check out their past projects. Reputable photographers will have a website that represents their online portfolio. Read online reviews to know more about their level of professionalism. Don’t hire someone because they have a website or photography equipment. Look for a true professional with a proven track record!

Check Their Gear

You want clear, quality resolution photos; that’s why you want a professional photographer to deliver that product! Hire a photographer with appropriate gear to get those clear, high-res photos. 

Some events present scenarios in which several people are moving at any time, such as a press review in an art gallery. A photographer with the right gear and experience to take detailed images in various, action situations would be the best to hire. 

Events such as exhibitions and concerts are scenarios that require low-light shooting. Choose a photographer with equipment with lights on booms from the images to come out full of detail and bright. Ensure they have extra batteries since it can be frustrating to stop shooting midway because the camera ran out of batteries.

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Most people are tempted to hire the photographer who charges the lowest price. The truth is that the cheapest rate likely signals a lack of experience and skill. A professional will ask for what they know they’re worth and what is needed to operate their business. Quality photographers are affordable, and one needs to invest a reasonable amount to get great results. 

Inquire upfront about the costs of their services, including a rundown of all fees. Ask them if their base cost includes other services like prints and editing or if those are considered extras.

Photographers have different price packages for different bands. General factors determine the price of their services, including 
•    Number of people 
•    Size of the event 
•    Time required to shoot and stay at the event 
Having a budget set in mind will make narrowing down photographers easier.

Good Understanding

Any skilled photographer needs to have a strong understanding of the areas that you want highlighted. Discuss the expectations for the shoot before the event by booking for consultation with several potential photographers. Prepare questions to ask to get a feel for their personalities. Identify a photographer who can shoot the event well and deliver quality editing.

Choose the Best Professional Photographers in Seattle

Nowadays, hiring professional photographers is crucial to shoot important events like fashion photography, sporting events, weddings, concerts, and birthdays. 

More important than the equipment or cost is the deep-rooted qualities that enables a photographer to see and capture the beauty in a photograph. Choose a photographer with an eye for detail to convey the right message or vision you have for your event. 

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