Valorant Skin Bundles

Those who play Valorant know the importance of in-game cosmetics. The new skin bundles released by Riot Gaming will surely catch the eye of all Valorant players. These cosmetics can be purchased for various currencies and make you look like a true tactical pro! Here are a few tips to help you make the best use of your Valorant skin bundles! The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each skin bundle:


The Valorant 5.01 patch comes with two new skins – the Samrat and the Run It Back 3 bundles. Samrat is a new bundle that costs 5100 Valorant Points. This new skin will feature a new animation and a new sound. You can also buy new skins in the store or get a free one if you purchase the Samrat bundle. Each skin will rotate every 24 hours, with different animations and sounds.

The Sarmad bundle also brings a new skin – the Phantom. It has a Persian and Egyptian theme and can help you look godlike. The Blade of Serket skin costs 2550 VP, which may be a good deal considering it is a melee weapon. Valorant is also gearing up to launch new cosmetics, allowing players to dominate enemies and show off their wealth.

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Ion Phantom

The Ion Collection is coming to Warcraft 3 tomorrow, and you can buy it from the Valorant server in Southeast Asia. The bundle contains the new Sheriff, Bucky, Phantom, Operator, Spray, Gun Buddy, Play Card, and Ion Knife/Gunnel designs. These skins will cost you 1,775 VP or 3,550 VP if you want the standalone Ion knife/gauntlet.

The Run It Back skin bundle will not contain a Melee knife. Instead, it will feature cosmetics for the Phantom weapon. You can unlock the blue energy ball skin for the Phantom weapon for 1775 Valorant Points. The Run It Back bundle will also contain a new smurf detection system. That feature is currently being tested in the North American region. If you’re planning to purchase the Run It Back skin bundle, this is the best opportunity to buy it.

Ion Phantom is an attractive weapon skin, and its aesthetics are also interesting. Its sleek design and futuristic style evoke a cinematic concept. It also comes with laser sounds. Its sleek white plastic exterior and high-end glass make it stand out among the other weapons in the game. In addition, it has a glowing blue orb that gives off a sci-fi feel. You can also buy the Ion Phantom skin if you want to purchase the Ion bundle.

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Magepunk Operator

For the first time, VALORANT has released a game that includes new skins for the Magepunk Operator character. These skins range from the alpha version to the latest release and are all included with the bundle. These skins are available for a limited time only. If you missed out on the pile, you could purchase it later for the best price. Magepunk is an action RPG that features fast-paced combat, action-packed action, and a variety of weapons and skins.

This new bundle includes the operator, sheriff, and guardian. These four new items will add unique and exciting visuals to the game. The bundle also contains four new guns and skins for the mage class. You can purchase the new skins for all the mage classes separately or get them all for one price. Magepunk skins will cost around 7,100 VP each, so they aren’t cheap.

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The new Valorant skin bundle features elaborate designs and motifs inspired by Egyptian mythology. These skins can be used on any character, including the unique Vandal. The bundle also features a new weapon: the Blade of Serket. This weapon is named after the Egyptian goddess of healing and magic, Serket. The blade resembles a scorpion and is associated with the goddess. The Blade of Serket can be used by both melee and ranged heroes.

The skins for Valorant include the Glitchpop Vandal, the first and most popular skin. This skin features a magical unicorn spray, and it comes in three variants: a futuristic mix, a glittering city, and a revolving disco. All three skins come with custom VFX and sound elements. These skins are also more affordable than the other skins.