Valorant Skin Leaks

If you’re interested in obtaining a new Valorant skin, you should visit Valorleaks. These sites leak skins for Valorant, including the Blade of Serket, which you can get for 2550 VP. The other skins in the bundle are Frenzy, Spectre, and Vandal, so you should check them out. In addition, you can get the Blade of Serket for 30% off, which is a great deal, especially if you’re looking for a melee weapon.

Titanmail skins

Valorant has a devoted fan base that likes to mix and match elements of other games, and they’re doing the same with their new skin bundles. The unique Titanmail skin bundle is no exception. It’s a black and green set accented with crystals, and it introduces a new melee weapon in the form of a Titanmail. Several of the weapon skins are available as separate purchases, so if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a single package, you’ll probably be fine with purchasing the Titanmail skins separately.

There are no official leaks yet, but we’re expecting the Valorant Titanmail skin bundle to launch sometime on May 11. We’ll have to wait until then to see if they’ll arrive, but if they do, we can expect them to be part of a Deluxe Tier skin line. The Titanmail skin bundle includes 5 different weapons, 3 Player cards, and 3 Sprays, so you’ll likely be spending at least 5100 VP to get it. Nonetheless, these Titanmail skins will soon replace all other skins in the Valorant marketplace.

Spikes Vandal

Currently, Valorant’s new Egyptian skin has been leaked on Twitter. This skin features a gold-plated body and a dazzling color scheme. The same design is present in the Valo Nitro skins, but these add a different color scheme. Other spectacular motifs are also on the skin, including a Vandal gun skin. Valorant has not confirmed the bundle’s release, but it is expected to be released soon.

The leaker xtr has revealed three new Vandal skins that could be called Spikes, Egypt, and Daedalus. A new tournament mode is also mentioned. Although there are many leaks, no official confirmations are available from Riot Games. However, if these leaks are accurate, it could sign that Valorant is preparing to release new skins and expansions.

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The Valorant 4.08 skin bundle has been leaked in the latest patch. The game will add this new skin bundle to the shooter in Episode 4, Act 3. It is not yet known when this skin will be released, but players can look forward to it. It will feature new weapons and skins, as well as some new cosmetics. Here are some of the most exciting leaks we’ve seen so far.

A reputed data miner, XTR, has leaked new skins for the Valorant. It looks like a much better version of the Cavalier bundle included in Episode 1 Act 2 battle pass. The ‘Daedalus’ skin bundle has four variants, including a Vandal variant. Unlike the Cavalier skin, the Vandal skin is also likely to be included in the Battle Pass.

Prism II

VALORANT has released two new skin bundles – the Prism II skin bundle and the Horizon skin bundle. While the original Prism skin bundle came with a matt blue color scheme, the Prism II skin bundle features a purple recolor and caters to the needs of players who prefer simple gun skins. Here are the details about each of these new skin bundles. If you want more info on the latest skin bundles, keep reading!

As for the Run it Again skin bundle, it only has a day left to be pulled from the market by Valorant; however, the company has leaked some of the screenshots of the upcoming “Prism II” skin bundle. These skins include metallic pink ends and will be released on February 8.

Horizon collection

The new Horizon skins collection is a bright pink palette that captures the spirit of summer nights. The Horizon collection has similar aesthetics to the Nebula skin bundle, with Vandal, Spectre, Bulldog, and Frenzy skins. However, there are no exact release dates or pricing information. This bundle will rotate out next week, as the Run it Back Collection is currently rotating out.

The new Prism and Horizon collections are already on the in-game store, so you can also purchase them there. Prism 2 has the same look as the original Horizon but is in a metallic pink shade. Horizon is a metallic pink color that features gold work and jade. The Prism collection includes a new cat on the back of the skin. Both groups are expected to cost around 8,000 VP, so that you can stock up on your favorite skins now!

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Sarmad bundle

The latest VALORANT skin bundle is called Sarmad. It features a gold-plated body and captivating designs over its entire body. Like its Nitro counterpart, the Sarmad bundle will probably be a Deluxe or Premium Edition tier bundle. The price of the Sarmad bundle is 5100 VP or higher. Buying it will allow you to show off your wealth and power to other players. You can purchase the skin from the Valorant shop.

The Valorant Sarmad Skin Bundle will also include several Player Cards and Sprays. There are only two Players’ Cards in the leak, so we cannot yet confirm the pricing or availability of the Sarmad bundle. Despite the lack of information, the Sarmad bundle does hint at a Deluxe Tier Skyline. It shows the animations of the Sarmad Phantom, Blade of Serket, and Vandal. This could be the new Valorant skin.

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