Wasteland Vandal Skin Guide

If you’re looking for a skin to play as in The Wasteland, you’ve come to the right place. The Wasteland Vandal is a unique character skin designed for gamers who enjoy putting together things with their parts and pieces. There are no visuals to worry about, as the skin shows off the character. It doesn’t change the game, and it’s so distinctive that you’ll instantly recognize it.

Valorant Glitchpop Vandal skin

If you’re looking to buy a Vandal skin for Wasteland, there are several options. Some of these skins can be purchased on the market, while others are only available as part of the battle pass. You can also buy the K/TAC Vandal skin, introduced in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 on November 25th.

This Valorant Glitchpop Vandal is a skin that was released on February 4th, 2021, for 22.9 USD. This new skin gives your character a futuristic look and includes a unique Ace animation. It costs 2175 Valorant Points, which is the equivalent of USD 22.9. This skin is made from waste materials and is held together with wooden materials, strings, and tapes.

This skin is one of Valiant’s most popular. During kill animations, it paints the sky with unicorn sprays. The Glitchpop Vandal comes in green, white, and blue variations. You can apply this skin to your revered rifle to make it look more impressive. The RGX 11Z Pro bundle includes the Vandal as part of its three skins.

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Silvanus Vandal

The Silvanus Vandal wasteland Evandale is a highly sought-after skin by players. It is a beautiful design with golden hues and sharp edges and includes an illuminated gemstone. This skin is a great value and will not add too much to your inventory. It is also available as a premium pack, bringing nine skins for the price of one VP. While the black and white variant is bold and won’t take up much space in your inventory, it has a distinctive geometric pattern that gives the skin a premium feel.

A different skin to consider is the Winterwunderland Vandal. Unlike its predecessors, this new Vandal has a unique color response. It is similar to the Ruin Vandal but without the VFX effects and animations. The Winterwunderland vandal costs 1275 VP and is available for purchase from the Vandal shop. While it is similar to the default Vandal skin, it is much cheaper. Compared to the Winterwunderland vandal, it lacks effects and upgrades.

Forsaken Vandal

The Forsaken Vandal in Waste and Reaver Skins are a bit alike. They both have unique skins and kill effects, but the forsaken Vandal looks different from its mate. This Vandal is not as popular as its brethren, as most old-timers already have an extensive collection of vandal skins. However, it is an excellent choice for players who have yet to collect vandal skins. The Forsaken collection is the last vandal skin you will need to own, as it was released in 2021.

The Forsaken Vandal’s appearance and sounds are reminiscent of a dreamy fantasy forest. When it kills an enemy, it has gold hues, sharp edges, and a glowing gemstone. Its attack sound is short and peppy, and the visuals accompany the kill. It is also available as skin from the Silvanus Collection for 1,275 Valorant Points.

Origin Vandal

The Origin Vandal in Wasteland is an exciting and unique skin. Specifically designed for players who enjoy building things from parts, it does not change gameplay. Although it does not have a lot of visuals, it is recognizable by those who have already mastered it. There are a few reasons why this skin is a good choice for this character. Here are three of them:

Valorant Rifle: This skin has a wild yellow card. It can be bought for 2175 Valorant Points or USD 22.9. Its look is futuristic and gives the player a sense of space travel. The Vandal’s Ace animation is also unique. The Glitchpop Vandal is also a popular choice. However, the Valorant rifle is still the best option for this skin.

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