What is an Avis Wizard Number?

When booking a car rental, a person can use a special number called an Avis Wizard to get special discounts. This number can be used to get extra points or miles for car rentals. There are several ways to get a discount using this number, including joining the Avis Preferred program. To join, individuals can earn one point for every $1 spent and get a special code for discounts. Once they reach a Preferred Plus level, they can also skip the counter and receive corporate discounts.

To use the Wizard Card, you must first have a valid credit card. Using this card makes it easier to rent a car from Avis. Having this card means that you don’t have to remember to enter all of your information every time. It stores your rental history in your personal Wizard profile, so you won’t have to fill out the same information every time. You can also save your preferred pick-up and return date and request a certain category of car. To apply, visit the official Avis website and fill out the application online.

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