What Is Google Fi? How Does It Work?

Google Fi is a virtual telecom service offered by Google that allows users to call, send SMS, and access mobile internet without the need for an operator of telecoms like T-Mobile. It is available only to users in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico as well as roaming to more than 200 countries.
Technically speaking, Google Fi is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) which provides service to its users in the telecom industry without having any infrastructure. MVNOs sign agreements with telecom companies that allow them to use their infrastructure and equipment to offer these services.
Google Fi was known as Project Fi until the tech giant changed its name in the latter part of the year. It was initially launched by invitation only to a small group of Nexus 6 owners in the early part of 2015. One year later it got the public release, which was followed by support for other devices that included Pixel as well as Pixel XL. Since then, it has been expanded to include support for a variety of Android as well as iPhone models.

What is Google Fi? Google Fi work?

Google Fi uses the network infrastructure of several telecom providers as well as the Wi-Fi network to provide its services. Based on the performance of the network it is constantly switching between different providers. If the signal on the network isn’t optimal, it switches to a WiFi hotspot that is available to ensure that you have the best services without issue.

Privacy is a key element of the operation that is the core of  Fi. To ensure that it provides the most secure network, it is sometimes required access to publicly accessible WiFi hotspots. In these instances, it makes use of an integrated VPN to secure the user’s data. Additionally, it is developing end-to-end encryption for voice calls to its customers.

How do I sign up for Google Fi? Can it be used with my phone?

If you reside in a region eligible for it and are eligible, you can sign up for a Google Fi subscription on its official website. It has plans specifically designed for people and groups. They range from unlimited plans as well as “pay as you go” plans that have a predetermined amount. Additionally, you can keep your existing phone number when you sign into the service.
While Google Fi is only meant for American, Canadian, and Mexican markets at the moment the plan you choose to use will be able to work outside of this particular area. The device will enter “roaming” mode, and only certain services will be accessible for use.
If you’re planning to try the service, it’s best to ensure your device supports it.

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