What Kind Of Impact Will Artificial Intelligence Have On Cybersecurity?

The Internet has advanced a lot within a short time, increasing from the number of websites at 130 in 1993 to 1.9 billion by 2022. During this time, online technology has advanced in a variety of ways. In addition, it’s today possible to do just about everything online.

The most exciting thing is that even with all this progress, certain aspects of the Internet are outdated. The use of passwords is an entirely outdated method of security. However, they are still widely used. I hope that artificial intelligence will soon do magic for everyone online.

Why are Passwords Still in Existence?

Many believe that passwords should have been phased out years ago. The study of their use has revealed some shocking findings. ExpressVPN has discovered that passwords across the globe are reused by various users, making it extremely simple for hackers. The majority of people choose easy passwords because they’re easy to remember. However, that puts them at higher risk.

To ensure that your accounts remain secure online, it is recommended to use an extended password that includes an assortment of numbers, letters, and symbols. The issue lies in that such codes can be hard to remember, which is why installing a password manager is essential. It’s not always feasible to change between devices.

The most effective way to be secure online is to use multifactor authentication. You enter a password and an authentication code that you can get via your mobile. The issue with this is the hassle and the fact that internet users are begging for more efficient solutions.

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Biometrics are The Next Phase

Per the company, Precise Biometrics, fingerprint, and facial scanners are expected to be ubiquitous. The company predicts that the next stage of security online will allow users to log in to websites and devices without needing to perform several actions on their own.

Many of the latest laptops and smartphones are equipped with fingerprint scanners and faces. They allow users to seamlessly log in without knowing they’ve gone through security procedures. No one can log in without having the proper biometric credentials also.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Shortly, biometric scanners for internet-connected devices will be simplified and integrated into websites. It should also mean the end of passwords and AI Business, noting that Apple, Google, and Microsoft have pledged to support this change.

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AI Should Have a Big Impact As Well

While biometrics appears to be the answer people on the Internet have been longing for, it’s a fact that cybercriminals will be able to modify their strategies to break these new security protocols. This is the reason why AI is likely to play a significant part.

Computer security algorithms can scan for cyber-attacks online and provide suggestions on how to stop the possibility of cyberattacks in the future. They will search for malicious bots that spread malicious software online and take action against them. The great thing about AI is that AI can learn from experience and discover new methods to stop attacks that humans might not have considered.

The next era of cybersecurity is in the making, and soon we’ll be eliminating passwords once in a while. Biometrics is the next significant step. However, AI is a different game changer to look for.

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