Who are the Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer? 12 Demon Moons

The Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer are the most famous demons of the demon slayer. These demons, handpicked by Muzan Kibutsiji, oversee the will of the Demon Lord and help Muzan keep a chain of command among demons. These demons are also known as the 12 Demon Moons in the English dub for the anime Demon Slayer. After the demon King, they hold the highest rank in the demon command.

The 12 Kizuki and Demon Moons in Demon Slayer

This list of 12 kizuki from demon-slayer goes from the upper to the lower demon Moons. These are the demon-slayer villains. While some have appeared, most of the 12 kizuki have yet to be seen in the demon slayer anime. This article contains spoilers that will reveal the identities of the 12 demon moons or kizuki in the demon slayer anime.

1. Upper Moon 1 (Kokushibou) (strongest of 12 kizuki).

Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer

Kokushibou is the right-hand of Muzan, the demon king. He is the most powerful of all 12 kizuki. Kokushibou was turned by Muzan centuries before. He has always served his master with honesty and loyalty.
Kokushibou holds the highest rank in the 12 Kizuki. He is also the twin brother to Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the famous Sun-breathing user. He is undoubtedly the greatest demon slayer of the story and the first to use sun-breathing.
It is interesting to learn that Kokushibou was a human, and Michikatsu Tsukiguni envied Yoriichi’s natural talent as a demon-slayer. Kokushibou is feared for using the moon breathing technique as a demon.

2. Doma - Upper Moon 2

Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer

Doma, the second most powerful demon of the 12 kizuki, is also charismatic. He may be the most sadistic demon moon in demon slayer. Doma is one of those demons who lack empathy and can be a dangerous foe. Doma, who has been a victim to many beautiful women throughout the demon slayer’s tale, is both unfeeling and impatient.
Doma uses cryokinesis to create blood demon art. The demon can create ice using only his kyosensu, Japanese folding fans. Doma can also create ice from his blood and flesh. This is similar to Nezuko’s ability to generate fire with her blood.

3. Akaza 3 - Upper Moon

Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer

Akaza is the third most powerful demon of the 12 kizuki demon slayer. He is formidable in close-quartered combat. As seen in the Mugen Train Arc shows, the demon has tremendous raw strength when Akaza battles the flame hashira Kyojuro Rengoku.
Akaza’s demon blood art uses violent death to enhance his perception and shockwaves. Akaza is the fastest regenerator of all 12 demon slayer kizuki.

4. Upper Moon 4 – Nakime

Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer

Hantengu was the original placeholder for the 4th rank of the upper lunar moon. After his defeat, Nakime was discovered as a worthy replacement for the dead kizuki. He was placed in his place. She made her debut in demon slayer during Muzan’s massacre at the lower demon moons of the first season.
Although Nakime’s physical capabilities were not revealed, Nakime was seen controlling the castle with just one stroke of her biwa in the episode Muzan slaughters lower moon demons. Name, as part of the 12 demon slayer kizuki and among the higher moon rank demons, is strong enough, even though she hasn’t been shown in combat.

5. Upper Moon 5 - Gyokko

Gyokko, the saddest of the 12 demon slayer kizuki, is also the most selfish demon. Although most demons are this way, he tops the list. The demon is also obsessed with arts and crafts and gets angry when people don’t appreciate his art.
Gyokko, the demon’s personality, is shallow and jealous of others. Especially those who are more dedicated to their arts than Gyokko. Gyokko was able to teleport between places using decorative pots. The demon can also create fish demons from the pots he uses to attack his enemies.
Gyokko’s appearance is quite unusual. The demon has no arms or a long torso, and his mouth is instead of his eyes. The eyes are placed horizontally on his forehead, and one is in place of his mouth.

6. Kaigaku - Upper Moon 6

Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer

This was initially held by the demon brother/sister duo daki/gyutaro. Daki and gyutaro were also the main antagonists in the entertainment district arc. They overpowered Tengen uzui, along with Tanjiro and Zenitsu and Inosuke. Both were defeated by young demon slayers and were replaced by Kaigaku.
Kaigaku, who was originally a demon slayer corps member, was Zenitsu’s senior when trained under the former thunder hashira Jigoro Kwajima. Kaigaku was a human with an arrogant opportunist and a coward. These qualities helped him to become one of the 12 demon slayer kizuki. His thunder breathing style training has led to his blood demon arts.

7. Lower Moon 1 Enmu

Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer

Anyone who has seen the Mugen Train Arc knows Enmu and what he can do. Enmu, the last remaining member of the lower moon demons after Muzan killed them all, was left as the sole survivor. Enmu was given the task of finding and killing Tanjiro. Muzan, the demon-king, spared Enmu and gave Enmu his blood.
Enmu can crush any will to fight by using his blood demon arts to manipulate people’s dream. Enmu’s blood-demon art allows him to control dreams and put people to sleep. Enmu’s favorite, as seen in the Mugen Train episode, enters into people’s dreams to destroy their spiritual core.

8. Lower Moon 2 - Rokuro

Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer

Rokuro was made a part of the 12 kizuki demon slayers after the first lower moon 2 – Hairo died. Hairo was able to create multiple shadows using his blood. The demon could also shape these shadows in many forms.
The replacement Rokuro doesn’t have much information on the demon or his abilities. The demon was briefly seen in the Mugen train arch. Rokuro ordered Muzan to give him more blood during his screentime to make him stronger. Muzan felt insulted by Rokuro’s command and decided to end the story.

9. Lower Moon 3 - Wakuraba

Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer

Wakuraba, a 12 kizuki demon slayer, was the most loyal of the lower moon demons. He was seen to have an enhanced speed in what little information we have about Wakuraba’s Mugen train arc. After seeing his fellow lower-moon demons killed, he attempted to run from Muzan. Wakuraba is captured instantly by the demon King and killed instantly.

10. Lower Moon 4 - Mukago

Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer

Another of the 12 demon slayer kizuki about whom very little information is available. Fans have never had the opportunity to see Mukago’s character. Muzan killed Mukago and other lower moon demons in the Mugen train arch. The appearance of Mukago was short, and her forehead had horns.

11. Rui - Lower Moon 5

Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer

Rui is the only lower-moon demon among the 12 kizuki demons in demon slayer who has been given screen time for an entire episode. Rui, a frail and weak human, was young and of small stature during his time when the demon King turned him.
Rui was obsessed with the idea of growing a family. He used his blood to make other demons look like him. Rui was the only one who displayed this ability. The guilt of his parents’ deaths may have led to Rui’s obsession with the growth of a family.
One of the 12 kizuki demon slayers, Rui is extremely powerful in blood demon arts. Rui can also alter the appearance of demons that have consumed his blood through cell manipulation. His primary weapon is his spider’s web. It is strong enough even to cut through a Nichirin sword.

12. Lower Moon 6 – Kamanue

Twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer

This position was initially held by Kyogai, the main antagonist to the Tsuzumi mansion arch. Muzan excommunicated Kyogai after his defeat. He claimed that he wasn’t strong enough to join the 12 kizuki demon slayer.
The Kyogai blood demon artwork was similar to Nakime. Multiple drums were held in Kyogai’s body, which allowed him to change his surroundings with a tap. Kamanue later took over the role after Kyogai. Kamanue is not well-known, but Muzan ate the demon as soon as he thought of it.

12 demon moons: Conclusion

These are the strongest demons in demon slayer’s storyline. Each demon has its own fighting style and blood demon art. Manga readers are familiar with these demons and their abilities. However, anime fans may not be aware of the 12 kizuki.
The demon slayer’s upper-ranking kizuki will be appearing in the upcoming episodes. Keep reading our weekly recap of upcoming episodes, release dates, and times.

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