Woody McClain – How Old Is Cane Tejada?

Woody McClain is an American actor, who plays Cane Tejada in Starz’s crime drama series Ghost. He is originally from Florida but later relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his career. He gained fame as a backup dancer for Fifth Harmony and Chris Brown, and he has also gained a large social media following through his Vine videos. He also executive-produces the Stories with Kev series, which stars Kevin Hart.

In Ghost season two, the family of the Tejada crime family has expanded. The drug queenpin Monet rules with an iron fist, and her son, Lorenzo “Cane” Tejada Jr., is the family’s right hand. He is also the half-brother of Ezekiel Cross and the big brother of Dru. However, his children are not too thrilled about the return of their father.

Cane Tejada is the son of Monet Tejada and he is the eldest son of the former gang leader. His lack of discipline has led him to be involved in many gang activities and crimes. He was once arrested and jailed for 25 years for gang and drug charges.

While it is difficult to pin-point Cane’s age, the actor is still young. He was born in 1999. His younger brother, Zeke, was born in 1998. As for Zeke and Monet, they were not explicitly dating. But Monet had a relationship with Mecca while they were both teenagers. Monet later broke up with Mecca in order to help him get his life in order. But now they are back together to reconcile.

Ghost is a 2011 movie directed by Woody McClain. Although McClain has traditionally played heroes, his portrayal of Cane, a former Dodger, is controversial. The film centers on the final season of Cane’s career with the Dodgers, during which he tries to repair his reputation and face personal demons.

The movie Ghost premiered in Oct. 26. The movie is also about Monet’s drug dealing and her relationship with Lorenzo. Ultimately, it is unclear whether the relationship between Lorenzo and Monet will be successful. Monet’s drug game, however, may be ruined by the new dynamic in the family.